20210727 – Memphis to Home

20210727 – Memphis to Home

We woke up and re-iced the shrimp. First stop – Gibson’s donuts. I got a free sample of a hot and fresh donut. Life is good. This place is a little hole in the wall. The donuts were excellent. I got a chocolate glazed and chocolate cake. The guy who gave me the free donut recommended another kind. I swear he said something about New Orleans style, but I can’t find any reference on the web. It looks kind of like a buttermilk drop(whatever that is). I bought four for Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment. Three of them made it home. Merryweather was a little gun shy about any more fried bread after New Orleans. He certainly has a point. He did spot a maple glazed and another that he got to go. The whole thing including a chocolate milk was $6… I think I may have robbed the place in retrospect. I eliminated all evidence of my crimes before I got out of the parking lot.

We went to Stax Records Museum. We both agreed that it was a very nice museum. The music is so great. There were a couple of issues. Their payment system was down, but I was able to get tickets online. Then the movie that starts the museum was buggy. One of the attendants was explaining it to the other. I offered to take a look at it. I know a little about AV stuff. They declined. We went in to watch the short film. It stopped three times. The first time I told the attendants. They advised me to cut my losses. Merryweather was more adventurous. He hit the play button on the control panel a couple of times. It worked. It worked the next time too. And it worked the third time as well. I told the attendants before we went on. I don’t know if they heard or were actively ignoring me. Whatever. We walked through the rest of the museum. It was cool. The exit is through the gift shop. BUT they don’t take cash because of COVID, and they can’t take credits cards, because the machine it down. They didn’t offer to barter. You can see how everybody’s hands were tied. Apparently, adults who can make decisions were not working today. I just walked out. I am not going to yell, but it would have made me feel better. I have a credit card reader in the truck just in case I decide to start a small business for crissakes!

Before noon, Beale Street was mostly empty. We had a mini photo shoot with the Overland Rig.

We had the first of several unexpected stops today. Number one, Memphis Equipment Company is the nations largest Army truck and parts dealer. The US Army uses a trailer called the M1102. It’s made of aluminum and designed for the Hummer. They show up for sale occasionally. I have never seen one in the wild. Memphis Equipment had several in stock. The sales guy had some practical, honest and helpful opinions on its suitability for my intended use. I would recommend Memphis Equipment for all your military vehicle needs. Their office is all glass and dark wood paneling. I would also recommend them for 1970s office film location. 

We left Memphis. Interstate 55 winds along the Mississippi towards St. Louis. The next stop was Dyess Colony the boyhood home of Johnny Cash. Google took us straight to the house. There is also a museum. We went there too. Their cash register worked fine. We didn’t do the tour. I donated $20, because I am down for the cause, but not getting on the bus for a tour down. The guy working at the register offered to show us how to get to the house we had just visited.

Did I mention we got to see a crop duster? Today it was zooming around Dyess Colony. They were dusting rice fields. I honestly didn’t recognize the crops that were growing around there.

We had a late lunch at Zaxby’s Chicken. I don’t think I have ever been before. The chicken sandwich was well constructed. A bit more substantial than Chik Fil A or McDs. The chicken wings were good. Not great food to eat while driving, but I am a chicken wing champ.  Merryweather got cheese curds. I wouldn’t order them again. The fries were unremarkable. Did you know the founder is a graduate of Purdue University? I do now. 

We finally crossed into Missouri. Last Stop of the trip prize for 2021 goes to Mildred Connover of International Falls, Minnesota. She correctly guessed New Madrid, Missouri.

New Madrid is a great spot to see the Mississippi River. The river turns north and west in a tight bend. You can see the whole river coming and going at the same time. New Madrid is most famous for being the epicenter of the worst earthquake in the United States. If visiting New Madrid for a short time can impart any wisdom into the nature of the New Madrid fault or earthquakes. I didn’t get it.  I have already done quite a bit of reading on the subject.  

The Museum is a local museum. It has an assortment of local stuff. The short film was handy. It was originally named and settled as Nuevo Madrid because Spain was doing the the naming. Merryweather walked away to see the collection before the film opening credits started. He built a house of wood on top of the earthquake simulator. The earthquake simulator huffed and puffed and blew his house down. The New Madrid museum had a working cash register but no collectible pin.  

I may be skipping over the headline on the New Madrid Museum. They have a ceremonial mace found in a pre-historic burial mound. I don’t think I have seen anything like in the USA. It looks like some Aztec Spaceship stuff. Here is a link. https://anthromuseum.missouri.edu/exhibit/lilbourn-mace

There are several mounds culture sites in Southern Indiana. There is a site in Illinois that was bigger than London at the same time. Pretty interesting.

Merryweather took the wheel after New Madrid. I took a nap. He ended up having to drive through downtown St Louis during rush hour while getting feedback on his driving from me. Road trips are the furnace in which future therapy sessions are forged.

We got home in time for dinner and to unpack and start laundry.

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