And then this happened… NHL Twitter

You: Hey did I see you on the NHL twitter feed?

Me: Yes. On April 20th, 2019. I was in a video on the NHL Twitter feed.


This started as a complaint from one of my long time buddies. Recipes online are super wordy.

My friends and I aren’t looking for two thousand words on how healthy cooking makes our lives better. We are looking for a way to cook food to feed people. Now.

So I started a blog.

Recipes without the foreplay. You are welcome to submit. If you get some use out of it or laugh, please like, share and follow.


Wait… what?

Ever been embarrassed by your dad acting up? This is my kids life. I have some how become occasionally, semi, regular fixture during the third period during the St Louis Blues home games.

The screen says Awkward Dad. I have been called, dancing dad, ugly dad, dumb dad (by my kids and people in attendance). It has been pretty awesome. I kind of love it.

The most rewarding part is the staff. They have been cheering me on since game one.

Here are my Awkward Dad getting on camera tips.

  1. Keep it family friendly
  2. Don’t stop dancing
  3. See rule two
  4. Get up and dance at every opportunity.

In no time at all, you will be embarrassing your own family at major sporting events.

Pro tip- record the game at home and then get screen captures.

201707 The Grand Tour

Our time in Omaha was drawing to a close. Jacob and I took a trip. We took several trips, all at once.

1. Lewis and Clark. We followed the Missouri River all the way to the confluence with the Yellowstone River in Montana.
20170715 _TheGrandTour_077_IMG_8280

2. We went to Glacier National Park
20170716 _TheGrandTour_172_IMG_9890

3. Lewis and Clark to Lolo Pass, Utah.
20170718 _TheGrandTour_008_IMG_0066

4. Yellowstone National Park – We did this over a couple of days. I think we used all the entry points.
20170720 _TheGrandTour_123_IMG_9062

5. Grand Teton National Park
20170721 _TheGrandTour_059_IMG_0739.JPG

6. Oregon Trail – We back tracked on the Oregon Trail and picked up some miles from our trip last year.20170722 _TheGrandTour_170_IMG_9887.JPG

7. Rocky Mountain National Park
20170722 _TheGrandTour_131_IMG_9143.JPG

8. Home
20170723 _TheGrandTour_182_IMG_9934


20170331 Crane Trust Overnight

It’s been a while. I did an over night with the Crane Trust ( I got dropped off at 4:30 in the afternoon. The birds move in for the night at sunset. They actually landed on the North side of the river. Over the course of the evening, they spread out all the way across the river. I woke up to tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes outside the blind.

According to the Trust, there were around two hundred thousand (200K) Cranes on the Platte this night. Last week, it was 400,000. I slept pretty well considering it sounds like 400,000 middle school trumpet players on their first day. The cranes make an really amazing amount of sounds.

The weather was and has been overcast and gross. The sun finally made an appearance several days later.

The Crane Trust does a great work. The visitor center is really nice. Worth a stop if you are ever crossing Nebraska.

Absolut Greyhound Vodka Promotes DJ/Producer Cruelty

The Youtube music video promoting your new vodka Absolut Greyhound promotes DJ/Producer cruelty in the form of robot greyhound racing. While slick with a catchy soundtrack by Swedish House Mafia, DJ/Producers are once again perceived as futuristic exploited entertainment machines. The video is a deadly cross between Project Runway and Mad Max.

Let the cruelty begin!

Vapid fashionistas pose in an arid wasteland for the thrill of watching three starkly beautiful robotic greyhound creatures race for their lives. Once again the focus is on the sights and sounds, the DJ/Producers are muzzled in a dark room with no access to the dance floor, a la Mad Max style. It might have worked for Mel Gibson but it is no way justifiable for a DJ/Producers, even a CGI DJ/Producer.

And just like at the real DJ/Producers event, the lighting and clothes, food and drink take a front seat to the hard work of the entertainers. Sure a robotic, elegant, black beauty falls to the ground at 40 mph. While one model looks appalled, the other laughs. The robot gets up and continues to run. At real events, DJ/Producers are stuck in a dark corner and get no credit for a great event. DJ/Producers who usually take bad falls like that break their legs, break their backs, pull their butt muscles, or are paralyzed hauling heavy speakers and gear. Laugh models laugh.

Many are euthanized at the discretion of the caters and promoters, some with broken legs sub contract their events. Some even pretend to have broken legs to go to a better event.

Some promoters bill this as “pulse pounding action” but I bill it as DJ/Producer heartbreak.

In case you don’t know why Absolut would name a product Greyhound, there’s a cocktail called Greyhound. It’s a mix of vodka and grapefruit juice and if the bartender adds a rim of salt – the cocktail become a Salty Dog.

This ad is haunting…haunting in the way it promotes DJ/Producers Entertainment as subhuman depravity. Haunting in a way, I feel nauseous and want to vomit.

Portraying DJ/Producers as responsible, talent professionals responsible for the success of the event would have been more humane than the forgotten, unloved after thoughts that can be left in a dark corner while all the credit goes to the lighting, food, drink and chair covers. Absolut responsible, it is not.

PS- this is jest. I am Absolutly (see what I did there?) by the new Absolut Greyhound commercial.

Check it out yourself –

Apologies to who inspired this parody. I am in favor of adopting greyhounds and working with your entertainer to create a great event.

best wedding ceremony….EVER!!!

Here is blog challenge to my friend and author, Peter Merry, author of “The Best Wedding Reception… Ever!”

I officiated and acted as master of ceremonies for Nick and Carrie’s wedding. One of the bridesmaids made the greatest Facebook post ever.

That makes her my favoritest bridesmaid EVAR…. Except for the bridesmaid I married.