Whether you hire us or someone else to provide the entertainment at your wedding reception, we believe this questionnaire will help you find the most qualified and professional Disc Jockeys available.

Q: Will the person you are meeting with be the Disc Jockey at your event? Do they over-book receptions and hire sub-contractors? Your reception could be end up in the hands of a total stranger, who doesn’t understand exactly what kind of a reception you want.

A: Yes, always, if I get hit by a bus another DJ fully briefed on your event will be there. You will receive a 100% refund. I will pay for a replacement DJ out of my own pocket. I have never missed an event. If I am not available for a date, I can help you find a great DJ. I don’t accept commissions or kickbacks. If you are willing to share your goals and expectations with me, I will be happy to help you find a DJ that suits your taste and style.

Q: Will they meet with you in person to help you plan your reception? Watch out for any company that is more interested in a signed contract and a pay check than the details of your reception.

Unless you are planning your wedding from out of state, a coordination meeting is a absolute requirement. If you need assistance or have questions you can call or email anytime. Plan on a coordination meeting about one month prior to your wedding date.

Q: Will they coordinate your entire reception for you? Do they have a checklist to ensure that your reception will flow smoothly? Will they work with your other vendors?

A: The Disc Jockey is the first person everybody looks to for direction, answers, and for someone to blame. They should act accordingly. Yes, I have a four – eight page planner for your notes, thoughts, song requests, and do not playlist. I will type up these notes and distribute them to your other vendors about one week prior to your reception. I will coordinate with your other vendors. I can also provide this same level of support for a wedding including the rehearsal. .

Q: What do they offer that makes their services unique? Do they have creative ideas for customizing and personalizing your reception? Will they incorporate your ideas with the personality and style you desire? Disc Jockeys are not all alike. Take the time to find the person who matches your personality and needs.

A: Disc Jockeys are not all alike. Take the time to find the person who matches your personality and needs.

Q: Do they have company standards that govern their behavior?

A: Our standards are clearly posted. f they don’t have standards, they are telling you that just about anything could happen at your reception.

Q: Can they provide references?

We have posted all returned follow up questionnaires here. Every single one of them. Contact information to check these references is also available at our first meeting. After your wedding, you will receive a follow up packet. You can opt in to be contacted as a reference to future brides.

Q: Are they active members in any professional associations?

A: This demonstrates commitment to improving their overall service through the constant education.
Jon is an active member of the American Disc Jockey Association, Disc Jockey America,, and is working to create an Indianapolis Chapter of the ADJA.

Q: Are there any hidden charges? Do they charge extra for basic equipment such as a cordless microphone? Are there additional charges for planning meetings or set up time?

A: No. Never. We will create a package that specifically addresses your needs. There are no surprises. Guaranteed!

Q: Do they have the skills to deliver announcements that are clear and direct?

A: The person you choose as your Disc Jockey will be your spokesperson and will be representing you to your guests. Choose wisely.

Adapted with permission from Peter Merry and Jimmy Loram at

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