20210726 – New Orleans to Memphis

20210726 – New Orleans to Memphis

We woke up at a reasonable hour and got loaded up.

First stop was Black and Gold Fluff and Fold to dry our damp clothes. It is highly rated and has an attendant. He had to call the manager, but was able to dry our damp clothes and fold them for money. I asked if there was a breakfast place nearby. He wasn’t sure and asked the three other people in the laundromat. The one guy that I would trust in the whole place, totally made my day.

He suggested The Vintage. The Vintage is on the edge of the Garden District and a real treat. They have “Fancy” Beignets. Three of them served on a board with three kinds of filling and whipped cream. The breakfast sandwich was even better. A biscuit served with bacon, artisan cheese and a poached egg. I guess I really haven’t had a lot of poached eggs but this sandwich was delightful. Merryweather got Avocado toast also with bacon and poached eggs.

One of the locals gave us the low down the Garden District. It is very nice. The roads are only slightly better than the Lower Ninth. Maybe twice as good. That is not saying much. Merryweather also figured out where Anne Rice’s house was located. We got a peek at that as well.

We started to mosey out of town. I spied the New Orleans Jazz National Park sign. I wanted a National Park pin. It is close to the French Market. I pulled into a no waiting, no parking zone and asked Merryweather to get in the driver’s seat, but not move until a cop told him to. He said okay. The park visitor center was closed. In the minute or so it took me to figure this out he was long gone. Apparently, he heard me say drive off and get stuck in the French Quarter for half an hour. He did. The non-parking spot was still open when he got back, but only after I had walked eight blocks trying to find him. We stopped at the French Market so he could look around. I parked illegally again and cleaned up the Overland Rig while he shopped. I was right there when he got back.

I can see value in both techniques, but must admit that I have a preference. Especially where it concerns me walking around NOLA in the midday heat.

We headed east. First, I was headed to Gulfport, Mississippi. Then I kept on to Mobile, Alabama. Merryweather was asleep so I kept going to Pensacola, Florida.

We had generally agreed to head home today, probably stop in Memphis. He was a little testy to find out I had set a new world record for most US states visited in one day.

But first we had to eat. He found a seafood restaurant on the gulf. It was a little too restauranty for my needs today. I looked at the menu and walked back out the door. I found Maria’s Fresh Seafood Market. It is an actual market, but also has a restaurant. It was a little too hot to eat peel and eat shrimp in the parking lot, but I considered it. We sat down in the restaurant, instead. I got shrimp and grits and greens. It was also excellent. Merryweather got grilled shrimp. Also excellent. I dumped the best cooler contents(Diet Coke) into the second best cooler and loaded it up with shrimp to take home. I tried to arrange for the one of the new battleships in Mobile Bay to fly a banner that said “Mission Accomplished”, but no luck. Also no luck getting the message out from the Stennis Space Force base. Or NASA.

I had gone so far out of the way to touch base in Florida, that we ended up driving US45 across most of Mississippi. We got gas in Tupelo. Pulled into Memphis late.

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