By the time your wedding day rolls around you will have invested a great deal financially, emotionally and personally in this day. There are no redo’s, no go backs, no undo button and no returns. It is a one shot deal. We will give you our very best.

We will:

  • Put you first
  • Tell the truth
  • Deliver our very best service
  • Return calls promptly
  • Keep your guests entertained
  • Give you a fair price
  • Play your requests
  • Show up Early!

We Will Never:

  • Hard Sell
  • Complain
  • Make Excuses
  • Use foul language
  • Overbook available dates
  • Hit on your guests
  • Use hidden charges
  • Sell your event to a sub contractor
  • Do more than one reception a day
  • Play music that is contrary to your wishes or inappropriate for your audience.

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