20220805 – Off the Road

We woke up in Reston, Washington. We stayed at the Silver Cloud Hotel Tacoma at Point Ruston Waterfront. This place is amazing. Several years ago, a developer hired Nature By Design of Fircrest, Washington to build a spray park and landscaping as a keystone for an ambitious redevelopment project. Today that project is the center piece of a thriving success story. It is a waterfront, informal gathering space for people of all ages. Guests in the hotel brought bikes so their kids could cycle through the splash park. There was something going on all day. Amazing people watching.

We had a window seat on the action for four days. It is amazing. Merryweather, Charbonneau and I had got a tour when the WildFin American Grill had first opened. You could tell in the chill, early spring break evening that this place was going to be a big deal. It is gratifying to see how the space is being used by people of all ages today. For more information on transforming your space and your relationships with people and the world around you, contact Nature by Design. https://naturebydesigninc.com/

We went into Seattle.

Seattle Art Museum

This is a very modern collection of art. Who ever designed the spaces we walked through just loves the word juxtaposition. I enjoyed it, too. The interplay between the pieces challenges us to consider the work in a new context. I am not attempting to write the museum brochure, I am spitting facts. It’s really cool.

Pikes Place Market

We had a snack at Pike’s Market. Earlier this year, I had bought a print of the Original Starbucks location by an artist who sells prints at Pike’s Market. I got to see a bunch more of his work. I found this fascinating. They women who sell his art was confused as to how I had obtained a print that was not from her.

Ranier Cherries were $7 a pound. My cousin, who was visiting Mount Ranier at the same time was getting them for $2 a pound from the roadside vendors. I bought enough to get back to the hotel. She bought enough to feed an army.

I am a sucker for great product demo. So I loaded up on https://www.getmobii.com/ Seattle Grunge Beanie 2.0 also doubles as a face covering and an infinity scarf. I want all that! We got two. Merryweather took one. Mrs. JonTheBruce took the other.

I also bought a deluxe wooden top and a hand turned birch bowl.

Modernist Cuisine Gallery

As we were exiting, Pike Place, I noticed a gallery that looked interesting and some prints I recognized. Prints of food. We ducked in. The Modernist Cuisine Gallery features the work of Nathan Myhrvold and his team. He has gone all the way down the Modernist food rabbit hole and produced a series of books on food. Along the way, he has created images of food that are art.

Nathan Myrvold – Levitating Hamburger, 2015

We bought a book called “Modernist Cuisine at Home” which is a condensed version of the five part complete version. It’s only 500 pages. The best way I can think to explain it… There is a two page spread that explains cooking eggs in hot water times and temperatures with photos of the results. It also includes a companion cookbook.

Back to Point Ruston

We got back just in time for an assembly of Bruces. A whole bunch of them. Pity the poor waitress who had to serve a rolling cast of 12 for three hours. Muhahahaha. We went to a late dinner within walking distance.

and Sleep.

No Travel Day – 5 stars

It’s nice to not have a mileage goal for a change.

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