20090725 Daniel & Kelly

20090725_Daniel and Kelly Millikan_029_DSC08429_thisone

This is part one of my Dentist’s of Monroe County travelogue.

Daniel and Kelly live in Bloomington. Bloomington is a destination for a lot of bride’s in search of an outdoor venue. Over all the places to have a wedding day in their neck of the woods, they choose Avon Gardens in Avon, Indiana. I have to agree on their thinking here.

It’s really an amazing place. The owners and staff are amazing. The location is amazing. The overall vibe is a perfect antidote for wedding day jitters and nerves.

Lois Talley was in charge of photography.

20090725_Daniel and Kelly Millikan_002_DSC08402_thisoneAn amazing collection of friends and family gathered to celebrate the day. It was awesome. (please donate synonyms to “awesome” to indyprodj at gmail.com)

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