20090516 Jennifer and Matt

I met Jennifer a few years ago.  She helps out with the Noble Evening in the Garden event.  I also met her mom and dad and Matt’s mom and dad at the Noble evening in the garden.

Jennifer won a complete wedding package in the charity auction from Jon Bruce Entertainment.

The reception was awesome.  Crystal Catering’s The Fountains rolled out the red carpet. They did an excellent job.

Tamara Ehrgott was in charge of photography and a treat to meet.


Jon Bruce, man of letters. DJ/MC/BGS

I just finished my last final for Summer Session I. Nine credit hours. DONE! Spring Semester, I took 15 hours. It has been a busy 6 months.

I am now officially a college graduate! I am a Bachelor of General Studies!

You can call me Jon Bruce BGS.

I can’t believe I waited this long to get it done.

For perspective sake, as a DJ, I am probably in the top 5% by education level. It may be higher than that. I will have to call somebody and figure out the actual breakdown.

As a client, do you ever think to ask about education for your entertainment? Most of my clients are some college, college, post graduate degree holders. May I should start handing out a C.V…

My biggest gripe about this business is differentiating the service I provide from the super special DJ guy who never bothered to finish High School and is still living in his parents basement.

You might notice the asymmetry when Mr. Cheap DJ shows up in jeans with a couple of buddies for your black tie event. It couldn’t hurt to ask before hand and clearly establish you expectations.

and no… Black Tie, doesn’t mean Black blue jeans, a buttoned down shirt, with a vest and a clip on tie.

1st Rate, 1st Grade field trip to the zoo.

I just got back from a field trip with my first grader to the Indianapolis Zoo. The weather was awful for people, but really the absolute best for seeing animals.

The big bonus was getting a tour of the zoo from Jon Wassner (he’s married to Jacob’s teacher). Jon is a zoologist and author. I have talked with Jon about zoo’s before but seeing him in his natural environment was an absolute treat! He had the entire pack of 1st grader’s complete attention and was funny, helpful and insightful.

Americas Best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans & Families

America's Best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans & Families

If you want to book Jon for a guided zoo tour, give me a call and I may be able to introduce you.

Think I am kidding? Here is what Jack Hanna had to say about Jon’s book.

A fantastic resourse for people of all ages…If you’re hooked on zoos like I am, you’ll treasure this book! — Jack Hanna, Host, TV’s “Into the Wild” 5/8/08

The great part is Jon’s book is a lot easier to keep around the house and cheaper to feed than Jon in person (according to Mrs. Wassner).

oh and here is the link.

Jennifer may save you some heartache on your wedding day.

I got an inquiry from a Bride on Thursday inquiring about pricing and availability for an up coming wedding.

I went to reply and noticed she had sent her inquiry email out to SEVEN DJs all at the same time. In the interest of keeping the playing field open, I hit reply to all.

Here are the results I got.

One DJ replied to my email.
Four are probably familiar with me and chalked it up to Jon Bruce being Jon Bruce.
-All three don’t have an active web page.
-Two of those don’t have let their domain names lapse.

Usually this means that on your wedding day, if the phones not ringing its your DJ calling. Take a minute and call or email your DJ today and make sure the number still works. The American Disc Jockey Association has an emergency DJ hotline for no shows on your wedding day. 888-723-5776.

When you book a DJ….

1. Get a contract in writing.
2. Meet the actual person who will be performing at your event. (And get a guarantee in that written contract).
3. Remember experience counts for something. I have had the same phone number for 14 years.

My email and indyprodj.com are coming up on their 10th anniversary.

What about your DJ?

Kevin Bacon’s got nothing on me….

I was looking through pics from the Inauguration.

And found a pic that looked familiar.
Sgt. Maj. of the Army Ken Preston was one of five service senior enlisted advisors to attend the ball. He said that the ball, now being held for the second time, is an honor for all servicemembers.[/caption]

That is guy to the left of the President of the United States is Sgt. Maj. of the Army Ken Preston. He is the senior enlisted man in the US army, he represents the men and women doing all the heavy lifting all over the planet.

I had the privilege of meeting him, at his son’s wedding in 2005.