How to get a groom involved in wedding planning…


Cabel Sasser got married. His wife, Nicole, gave him a little room to run on invitations and theme.


Words will not do it justice. Check out his blog post.

He doesn’t spend anytime raving about how great his DJ was, but they did some really cool things.

Letterpress printed their own invitations.

Here is a detail from the letterpress invites.
Here is a detail from the letterpress invites.

A photobooth. (old school style).

Cabel – Congrats! and thanks for sharing your experience. Now I have to go buy a Mac.

We have reached the tipping point.

We have reached the tipping point. I was at a wedding last weekend with more cameras; disposable, digital, regular 35mm than people.

Skip the disposable cameras

Do the math and show your work!

(cost of the disposable camera) X (Number of Cameras)


(Number of Cameras) X (developing cost per Camera)

It follows…

20 Cameras X $5 = $100.00
20 Cameras X $5 for Developing = $100

Total $200

What if you took that $200 dollars and bought a cute fun digital camera that was easy to use?

You could spend a $150 on a camera. Get a card reader to get copies of everybody else’s pictures who comes to your wedding and brings a camera.

It’ll be the next hottest thing. The Card Reader Attendant!

I have actually helped a bride or two with this when it comes up. It’s very simple and the payoff is HUGE.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate cameras. I LOVE pictures. I adore great photographers. But the odds are you’re guests are bringing better quality cameras than the disposables and taking better pictures than you can get from a disposable.

And you could be taking better quality pictures with a camera that will survive the Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties, the showers, the rehearsal, the wedding, the honeymoon, the new house, the first born. (In which ever order you choose)

And don’t forget the extra memory card!

I have a tiny Sony Cybershot which I have used for all the pictures on my web pages. It is really simple to use. Simple to carry and convenient. If I ever see Bigfoot, odds on I will have a camera handy. The best part is that is has a fixed lens. So there is very little lag time between sliding open the cover and taking a picture.

Wedding Photos = Memories that last a lifetime

The Best Wedding Reception Ever!

A friend of mine, Peter Merry, wrote a great new book on creating amazing wedding receptions. The book is called The Best Wedding Reception Ever!

It’s a great book. The first half is all about why you should pick a great entertainer. The second is chocked full of killer ideas that you might include in your own wedding.

“Talent” is a dirty word in the DJ business. The difference between magic and tragic is all in the hands of the person playing the music and talking on the microphone.

Tim & Jennifer

When I initially met with Tim and Jennifer they gave me a heads up that Tim’s sister was helping out with the planning.

Fast forward to a month before the wedding…. It turns out that Tim’s sister is actually a movie producer and director. Most recently a documentary called “By the People” which got picked up by PBS. You can check it out here…

Malindi takes detail oriented to a whole new level. We got together like peas and carrots! The wedding and reception were held at the Hilton Indianapolis North.

The ceremony and reception was in the Crown room which has been updated very nicely under new ownership. The menu also got overhauled. very nice. The cocktail hour spilled out onto the patios. The Evening flowed.

Toasting Wedding Toasts

Apparently, I am still on the “do unto others” soap box. You may not be planning a “crashed” wedding, but you have probably selected a best man and maid of honor. The same should apply for best man and maid of honor during toasts.

So here is the pledge and promise. Yes, I will coach the best man and maid of honor. I have stacks of material on toasts (and roasts). Fun, Personal, Appropriate. (don’t forget World Class)

If we can save one wedding from the “last time the groom gets the upper hand” bit, it will be a cause worth fighting.

There was a movie back in 2005 called. The Wedding Crashers.


Are you getting what you want?

My favorite line is this…

“lured by the knowledge that at least we’ll get a good party out of it. “

Is that the goal?

  • Bring together your odd collection of friends and families
  • Swear solemnly in front of God (or not) and everyone else that you are taking this living together thing seriously
  • That you will be expecting some love and support in this endeavor from everyone who is about to eat and drink on your tab.

It’s like a mix tape for humanity.