Save that cooler!!! Igloo 100 quart cooler remodel


  • 1 broke ass Igloo cooler
  • 1 Igloo replacement parts kit


  • Replace the broken and missing parts.
  • Profit

And now… the rest of the story.

I found a Igloo 100 quart cooler in the trash on Friday. The hinges were broken. The latch was missing. Today I have a good as new Igloo 100 quart cooler.

It cost $10. I got the replacement hardware from Amazon. Replaced the broken and missing parts.


It’s like printing money.

  • Notes

The factory hinges are NOT designed to fold all the way back. There is a strap on the inside that is designed to hold open the lid. If the strap is missing, the hinges are going to break.

If the strap is missing, the hinges are going to break.

There is an aftermarket hinge made with hose material that might be better if you need hinges open all the way. I did it with factory parts for you, gentle reader. I plan on returning the cooler to the people who tossed it. I left some notes in Sharpie to whoever goes on this adventure next time.

Alternatively, you could live without the hinges. Or use metal hinges with cotter-pins so the lid is remove-able.

Curry rice in the Instant Pot

Merryweather asked about curry chicken today. I looked up curry rice and went from there. I did it one pot. It took about 20 minutes. The results were edible.


  • 1/4 cup of Olive oil for sauté’ing
  • 1 cup rice.
  • 1 onion chopped
  • Large handful of mini non-hot peppers chopped
  • Tablespoon of curry powder
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of turmeric
  • One cup of water
  • One bag frozen peas
  • One bag frozen corn


  1. Put the Instant Pot on Sauté.
  2. Add oil, dry rice, onion, peppers in the instant pot. Sauté it.
  3. Once everything is sautéd, Onions are browned, soft, etc, add in the curry powder and turmeric
  4. Mix well
  5. Add a cup of water, cancel sauté, then Set the instant pot to rice, put the lid on it, etc
  6. Get out a bag of frozen peas and frozen corn. Cook them per instructions in the microwave.
  7. Drain water
  8. Add them to the finished rice
  9. Stir well
  10. Serve


It smells amazing, but the flavor is pretty neutral. Kind of bland.

We had it with grilled chicken. Should be great leftovers, but it was kind of boring. The rice was clumpy. I wanted to dump some hot sauce on it. I don’t know anything about hot sauce for “Indian” food.

Next time, I would do a couple of things different.

  • Wash the rice
  • Cook the rice with the seasoning in the instant pot
  • Saute’ the rest of the ingredients in a wok and then mix in the cooked rice.
  • Add some hot pepper.
  • Merry weather thought it needed marsala sauce.

Chicken Enchiladas… Not from my oven

Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment sent this recipe to me. I made it. It was excellent. I substituted jalapeños for the mild peppers. It was one of the hottest things I have ever made. Really good too.

Without further ado…

Chicken Enchiladas by Hot From My Oven


I got to make a white sauce. Butter, flour, beef stock, sour cream

Once again, I substituted jalapeños for the recommended peppers. It was spicy.

I am going to have my kid try making the white sauce.

Instant pot hard boiled eggs 4 minutes


Eggs, a cup of water, 4 minutes

Use an ice bath or tap water to cool the eggs and peel them.

Long version

Use the trivet or a basket or layers, like an ogre.

Put a cup of water in the bottom

Stack eggs

High pressure 4 minutes

Rinse the eggs and peel them


The generally accepted cook time for hard boiled eggs is 4-4-4.

4 minutes high pressure

4 minutes natural release

4 minutes in an ice bath

It works great for my pot.


My last batch went like this.

  • 4 minutes high pressure
  • 71 minutes natural release
  • 4 minutes in an ice bath

I started eggs and left them to sit for an hour and eleven minutes. I got to play Fortnite for an hour. The eggs are edible. They are not pretty. The white is off white. The outside of the yolk has changed color. It’s green. These are over cooked. The world did not end.


The eggs will continue cooking as long as you have heat on the eggs.

They peel really easy. I usually make eggs for use at a later date. I just burn my fingers peeling them and throw them in the fridge.

Putting them in an ice bath or running some water makes your fingers burn less. Cold water makes the eggs easier to peel.

20190710 Bruce Peninsula to Sudbury

20190710 Bruce Peninsula to Sudbury

I don’t want to bury the lead here. I had dinner with one of the greatest human beings on the planet. Bill McElree! I love this man like Samwise Gamgee loves him some Frodo Baggins. We had a late dinner. We caught up on life. Charbonneau got to ask all of his Canada questions to an actual Canada person in a safe space.

We woke up in at a very reasonable hour. Camping is a different kind of sleeping in. You can sleep in until you must absolutely, positively get up and get dressed enough to go use the bathroom. This was a family campground, so I had to get pretty dressed. We ate sandwiches, made from leftovers from last night and hit the road.

We had a 8a-12n reservation a Bruce Peninsula National Park Grotto Area. We checked in, got a pass, and drove to the parking area. There are three trails heading to the place. The grotto is a scenic cave. There is also a natural arch, an overhang and Indian Cove. This is all smack dab against Lake Huron, crystal clear exhilarating water for miles. You can swim and wade and jump in the water. People look like they are having fun swimming. They are either lying or from someplace far worse than Lake Huron.

We walked around and checked out the scenery. On the way back to the cove, I heard a young women say “Jumping in like that was horrible, it is so cold my bones hurt.” I immediately recognized that this was the place to dip my toes in the water. Charbonneau was videotaping. The women offered to hold my sunnies (sunglasses). I threw them and my hat as a commitment device. I jumped in from less than 10 feet above the water. Landed perfectly. It was hypothermic cold. It was Titanic cold. It was waiting to breathe until you get above the water cold. I got back to the surface. I had to take a moment or two regain high functioning and to compose myself before I started swearing. I waded a tiny bit after I got out and warmed up.

Mostly, I laughed at other people. There was a large family group with at least three generation represented. They had a handful of small children. Watching the guys wade in was hilarious. One adult mom/sister dove in and was swimming around like a boss. There were three or four adult guys who were wisely chickening out. Three of the toddlers wanted to play in the fetid, stagnant pool. One of the kids fell and got slightly hurt and cried until his mom picked him up. Grandma was trying to get a preschooler to swim. The preschooler was definitely not going to put her face in water, thank you very much. I was laughing out loud watching this unfold.

There was also a large garter snake at the cove. No one tried to smash it. It was a nice change of pace. Charbonneau and I also saw a super fiesty, tiny snake on the trail back to the parking lot. I took a picture. I probably won’t post pictures. My mom would rather quit Facebook than look at a snake.

Remember the paid reserved time entry? The benefit of rationing this amazing area? There were less than 100 people total. There was plenty of room for everybody. It’s a pretty nice way to make this space available. Two years ago, Merryweather and I were super excited to breeze past the traffic jam to enter Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a traffic jam the whole way.

We had about four hours until the ferry would start loading.

We hit the Taco Truck (with free hot sauce) for lunch. We took a long walk through the Bruce Peninsula NP visitor center. There is also Five Fathoms National Park co-located with Bruce Peninsula. Five Fathoms is everything you can see with a boat or a scuba suit. There are tons of shipwrecks. One of the earliest was from the 1600’s a French Fur Trading vessel.

“The Bruce Peninsula was dangerous to many a maiden voyage.” – Jon Bruce

The truck got lined up at the ferry lot for free parking. We walked back into town. I actually found a store with normal priced things. I bought something. We also got back to the truck. I took nap. The ferry pulled up. It is called Chi Cheemaun, the Obiway name for Big Canoe. It is a very handsome boat. We loaded in. The parking decks are off limits for the trip. We went up to the top deck as it pulled out. We went looking around. There is a boatique, for all your must have boat gifts and notions. There is a restaurant with Diet Coke. There is also a kids room. They had a movie.

There were two older, french speaking, couples at the table next to us on the ferry. The guys were obviously birders. They didn’t have Tilley hats, but I could tell they were birders because they had binoculars on suspenders. Dead giveaway. They were fiesty. the one guy blew the paper off his drinking straw across the table. Silly happy people.

We also ran into the Marshmellow family again. Yesterday evening, Charbonneau and I passed the Marshmellow Family. I know this because one of the boys loudly announced “Hi, We are the Marshmellows!” I introduced Charbonneau and myself as the “Graham Crackers”. The boys thought this was funny. When we walked into the ferry dining room, they recognized me and bound in their seats to say “Hi”. Once I realized who they were, I told them that we shared our campsite last night with the Chocolate Bars. I opined that it would have been quite perfect if we had all been in the same campground at the same time. I crack myself up. The parents looked like the associate pastor and spouse of a mega church. (if I had to guess). The dad had a killer beard. Nice family.

The boat ride is about two hours. The lake was pretty smooth and glassy. About 20 minutes from the dock, we got sent back to our vehicles. The lower deck had a pronounced lean. The trucks suspension reacts to the boats movements. The truck was bobbing like a bobber.

From Tobermory to Manitoulin Island. Manitoulin is the largest freshwater island is the world. We headed out. The country is the most scenic thing you have ever seen. Charbonneau was hearkened back to the Boundary Waters of his youth. The hills soar. The waters becon. It looks like Moose and Bear should be hanging around every bend in the road. They are, but only when you are driving at night and in a hurry.


We got to Sudbury, Ontario. Sudbury is home to the world famous Bill McElree. It also home to two ENORMOUS smokestacks. There is a lot of mining going on around here. The stuff that used to go up the smokestack is being captured and used rather than raining acid. We got checked into a hotel and met Bill for a late dinner. The chicken wings were excellent. In Sudbury, dusted chicken wings are breaded. Naked chicken wings are not dusted. They are excellent. The waitress brought out a small bucket for chicken bones. The beer was also excellent.

Charbonneau and I were both ready for sleep. We bid Bill adieu. I went to sleep at a reasonable hour.



20190709 Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula

20190709 Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula
We left the apartment early. Mrs Jon Bruce Entertainment and Merryweather were dropped off at Pearson International Airport for their return trip. There was much tears shed at our fond farewell.
Charbonneau and I stopped for breakfast to let traffic settle. We went to a small breakfast place called Friends. Charbonneau remarked that it was the most consistently branded locally owned business he has ever see. The prices were excellent. The potatoes were so uniformly and consistently cooked that I thought is was cantaloupe. I have never seen better prepared breakfast potatoes. Apparently, it is a one woman show. I didn’t see any other employees.
I also went to a pharmacy to explore Canadian allergy remedies. I would settle for a witch doctor at this point. I got Tylenol sinus because apparently Canadians like meth too. I also got another allergy medicine that won’t make my heart explode.
We headed out for the Bruce Peninsula. This place had escaped my notice until a couple of weeks ago. There is a bunch of stuff named Bruce in Canada. It is a longish drive through fields of allergens. Very scenic.
We got to Bruce Peninsula National Park. Their campground was full. We got a pin and went to the chamber of commerce / community center for the closest town, Tobermory. As much as I love all this Scottish stuff it is hard to remember how to spell. They directed us to a couple of nearby campgrounds. We picked a spot. Bruce Peninsula National Park is one of the busiest in the system. Very popular and located on Lake Huron.
We also booked our ferry across the lake to some other place.
We checked out the observation tower and the town.
Canada National Parks is different. We have a Canada parks pass, but it’s not the same as America. Today we were trying to check out part of the park, but it requires an entry permit with a reservation time and a separate fee. Charbonneau got on the phone and got the reservation. It should be cool.
We went to the next section of park and drove approximately 100 miles on the dustiest one lane road ever. We check out Halfway Log Dump. It’s a beach with fist sized or bigger smooth stones. Walking across them sounds strange. There seems to be enough airspace between the stones for a reverberation and they clatter. The rock shelf here is called the Niagara escarpment. It dips into Lake Huron here. The other end hits water at Niagara Falls.
The water is cold and crystal clear. People were swimming. I waded bit. Pretty nice.
Of course with Mrs. Jon Bruce dipping out, our fortunes have ebbed a bit. We have resorted to gathering our meager rations from our surroundings. We also couldn’t afford wood for a fire. We resorted to warming ourselves with Cuban cigars. Cuban cigars taste like a reasonable relationship with our commie neighbors to the South would be a good thing. My mouth is still tingling from the nicotine and carcinogens.
We played a round of mini golf at the campground. It was only nine holes and not World MiniGolf certified. Woe is us. (It took me ten minutes to remember how to spell sad whoa)
I have heard people say that island prices are high. Let me tell you, Peninsula prices defy imagination. We had lunch in town. A single fish taco was $6. A 20 ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon $8. The guacamole was a $1.25 up charge. Hot sauce was also .$1.25. The camping spot we picked was $52. The nice one was $60. The campground has a $90 tent that you could get at Walmart for less than $30. Though if you really need a tent from the Campground store it is probably worth any price.
On iPhone with limited everything .

20190707 Day Eleven Toronto

20190707 Day Eleven

The weather was pretty much perfect today. Charbonneau, Mrs. Jon Bruce and I went to brunch. We went to Thompson Diner. I like everything about Thompson Diner. There was no line. The food was amazing. Charbonneau got chicken and waffles. I was certain this was a bad idea north of the border. It was incredible. Pretty much perfect. I would put this chicken and waffles up against Atlanta, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Omaha. The omelette and the other waffle were also perfect.

We checked out Graffiti Alley. We took some amazing pictures. My space work was on point if I do say so myself.

We went back to the apartment and roused Merryweather. Charbonneau and Merryweather got lunch while I got caught up on Stranger Things. We had just finished the final episode at 3:45pm when Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment asked “What time is 1600 in real time?”
I replied. “4pm”
She says, “I just got an alert for our Second City show tonight. With a start time of 4pm.” I checked the tickets. Yes, our evening of theater was starting at 4pm. We raced to Second City. We were about ten minutes late. It was a revue called “She the People”. It was a wonderful show. All female cast. AND HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! Bruce McCulloch from “Kids in the Hall” was sitting at the next FUCKING TABLE.

I was sitting next to Geddy Lee. During intermission, I turned to ask him why the old Toronto mayor was still in the news. Geddy explained that Old Toronto Mayor was now the Premier of Ontario. (maybe like the governor?) Also Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank is Canadian. (who knew?)

And Bruce McCulloch sitting at the next table over from us.

The show was funny. There are a couple of cast members are stand outs.  I will brag about seeing them on stage back in the day when they hit it big. Bruce was very polite. I got a really great photo with him. It’s nice to have a once in a lifetime encounter with an amazing and talented person. It’s even better to have that moment captured perfectly on camera. Win-Win.

After the show, we went by Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant on the way back to the apartment. It has a number 99 outside. We went to a dumpling place for dinner. I had two places in mind. Dumplings are not the same as Dim Sum. We made this mistake the other day. Juicy Dumpling was the highest rated. They have limited seating and counter service. I wanted someplace with the bamboo baskets at the table. I asked everybody to order small and we could go to the other place two blocks away.

Apparently, there was a miscommunication. Merryweather ordered a whole chicken. We ended up with the chicken and three other servings. It was pretty good. The one with the fish goes best with a lot of hot sauce. Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment, Charbonneau and Merryweather got Dairy Queen.

We walked through Chinatown and Kensington Market. We ended up at Sneaky Dee’s for a plate of so-so nachos. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by a Toronto Fringe Festival event. We checked it out for a couple of minutes then got back on the trolley to the apartment.

Google Pics link –

20190706 DayTen Toronto

20190706 DayTen


Mrs. Jon Bruce and I woke up at a reasonable hour. We went to St. Lawrence Market. We got bagels. We got cream cheese. We got a nice cinnamon roll. We got some Diet Coke. We had a nice breakfast. We went and checked out the AM version Kensington Market. It was nice. I finally figured out the Peameal Bacon is real bacon. I had assumed it was some vegan thing. I skipped it in the morning, when I went back in the afternoon their were protestors outside the delicious bacon restaurant.

We headed back to the apartment. Charbonneau had gone scouting for coffee near CN Tower. Merryweather and I went to the very nice Japanese restaurant on the first floor of the apartment building and got lunch. We watched Stranger Things.

I ventured out in the late afternoon. I took the train to Spadina Station. I got mass transit passes to last the weekend. I checked out Chinatown and Kensington Market and Queen Street and King Street. There is a lot going on. Somebody in Kensington Market had marijuana plants on the sidewalk. Pot is pretty pervasive in downtown Toronto. I predict that society is pretty much doomed. I don’t know what the rules are here, but people smoke in public. Imagine you could dutch oven a street corner with your farts… Now just switch farts with pot.
It is a pungent. The pungent means it’s working.

I hit Ronnie’s Local 069. Because I am a hypocrit who is in favor of some bad drugs (a beer) and not others.

I attempted to buy some fake basketball shoes in a market. I asked the shopkeeper if she had my size. She said yes. She then asked if I would be willing to put a deposit on the shoes. I looked at her like her head was off. I told her that I wanted to see if they fit. She relented and disappeared into the backroom. She came out of the back room with no shoes. She said she would be back in a few minutes and left me and her toddler in charge of the store. I am not kidding. It wasn’t super busy and I am sure she told another shop keeper what was up, but now I am trying to explain to the customer that are walking up that the toddler and I are in charge because the lady went away. One of the ladies went up to the toddler and asked. The toddler explained that she had gone down in the basement. She came back with a pair of shoes and told me they were too narrow and wouldn’t fit. She was right. But she helped all the customers I brought in while I tried to jam my foot into a pair of swap meet Yeezy’s.

I went to Moog Audio. They have electronic music gear. They have Moog. They have the very best selection of DJ gear I have ever seen in one store. I could have spent a day in there. They also had that weird asian kid with the fire crackers from Boogie Nights. Except for the weird asian kid, 5 stars.

I picked the family up at the hotel. We went to St Louis Bar and Grill across from the baseball stadium for dinner. It was not authentic St. Louis, Missouri anything. The chicken wings were good. The fries were good. We skipped the St. Louis Poutine.

Next we went to Ripley’s Aquarium next to CN Tower. We got a date night special pass for after 7pm admission. Honestly, I have avoided Ripley’s tourist attractions for my entire life. Avoided them all like the plague. I was blown away. We got food and photos included with the admission. There were no tricks or gotchas. The food was major tourist attraction expensive but not stadium prices. The food was split between two passes. We got two pictures and the photo person explained for a $2 out of pocket we could get a better package. We did.
I was less than $20 out of pocket for food and photos. I was blown away.

We went back to the apartment and played Settler’s of Catan. America’s hottest board game. after the game, Merryweather and Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment called it a night. Charbonneau and I went back to WVRST. We had beer and pretzels and Jon Wick French Fries. We walked across King Street and checked out the nightlife. We went to the Horseshoe Bar. Sarah Shook and The Disarmers were playing. We got a Molson Stock Ale and a Molson Canadian Lager. The Stock Ale was excellent. I didn’t try the lager, because

I remember not liking it before. Apropos of nothing, one of the guests informed me that Sarah was playing in Ann Arbor tomorrow. I made the joke that my wife went to Purdue and she says “Ann Arbor is a loose women with no morals” This guy in Toronto on Saturday Night at midnight says back to me. “I am sure Ann Arbor would say the same about Purdue” This guy is a genius. He might be a Michigan State grad. We went back to the apartment via the crowds along King Street.

Tonight we noticed that the view out the windows in CN Tower.

Google Pictures. –

20190705 DayNine_Ottawa to Toronto

20190705 DayNine_Ottawa to Toronto
We rolled out and went to the Byward Market in Ottawa. We got there around 10:30. Things get moving around 11am. We got food. There are a lot of options. I got a plain Beavertail and a Montreal bagel with smoked mystery meat. Merryweather got sushi. Charbonneau got a crepe. Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment got a croissant and some macaroons.

The bakery was visited by the President of the USA in 2009. The bakery was strongly in favor of presidential visits. There are still pictures and promotional material. I got a commemorative cookie in a tin, just like the President of the USA (#thanksobama). The president also visited Beavertails. I bet he liked the Beavertails better than the decorated sugar cookies. He was midwestern in a addition to being born in Kenya. We also got cigars from Cuba, because Canada believes in freedom.

We also visited the NHL Ottawa Senators gift shop. They had some cool stuff not available in the Stanley Cup winning St Louis Blues gift shop. The NHL Hockey Hall of Fame is reporting that they have received Blues playoff memorabilia. I am going back this weekend to sign off on the display.

It was hot and also hot and humid. We got a ride up to Parliament, which is on a hill. It was so hot that the fountain was on fire. It is under construction or renovation. We didn’t get to do yoga on the hill. We did see the Hogwart’s choir walking by. We sweated a lot. A helpful guide wasn’t helpful enough to understand that I thought the pretty lawn was in back. The back side of the thing is a steep hill to repel invaders. There is a canal which goes from Ottawa to Lake Ontario and thence unto the St. Lawrence seaway. So if you would like to attack Canada, use the canal. The back way is all up hill in the heat and humidity.

We walked back to Byward Market via the air conditioning at the Hudson Bay company. Also called “The Bay”. The air conditioning was also bae and totally fetch.

We tried to experience two other things about Ottawa but it’s confusing. We left.
We drove to Toronto. On the way, we stopped back in Kingston, Ontario. We had dinner. I was tired of sitting. I went to the Smith Army Surplus. It was one of the best surplus stores I have ever seen. One, they had some real surplus. Two, it didn’t smell. Three, they had kilts. Four, they had a nice assortment of genuinely useful outdoor gear. Five, they had the thing I wanted as a souvenir from this trip. I got a French pocket knife that is painted red. I will use it for cheese and champagne etc. Many people will ask… “Don’t you already have a bunch of Leatherman Multi tools that you carry around all the time?” Yes, and now I have a French pocket knife for farmer’s markets and cheese cutting and taking up space in my knife drawer. I am tentatively planning on cutting the shit out of my thumb with it tomorrow.

Kingston has a Busker Fest going on right now. Busking is where you give people on the street money for being entertaining. Usually, magic or juggling or dancing or remembering all the zip codes or something. Busking is my plan B. I love it. It was still hot and humid. So we stood in the shade and shifted like sweaty weather vanes in search of a breeze. Kingston is also alongside Lake Ontario. People say it is a Great Lake. I give it 3.5 stars. Pretty good for a lake.

We kept driving to Toronto. It was not very fun. A Chinese tour bus tried to pass me on the right. A Bus sized Chinese tour bus tried to pass me on the right. I almost called the State Police. I would have called the State Police, but we were in a province. I was driving at least Two Demerits fast. The drive to Toronto required paying attention. It was packed. Two lanes. It never really settled down to cruise control. Two and a half hours. We should have stayed and watch the buskers.

I did see one guy on the street that I found entertaining. He had a pair of ankle high moccasins. It didn’t appear that the look was working for him. He seemed to be distancing himself from his shoe choice. There was a panhandler who was difficult to describe. He will definitely be the main character in my new movie script. “Burned, shirtless panhandler in a wheelchair sitting in the sun” It is a working title.

Down shifting back to English as a first language has been slow. I was taking the French thing pretty seriously. Ottawa is English first. Prit near everyone in Ottawa spoke in English or the Canadian equivalent

. Best accents ever. I was “Pardon en moi”ing my way back to Ontario, without regard to the fact that I was the only one bothering to speak French.

We got checked into the last place. It’s on the other side of downtown Toronto. So many hip young people. I managed to park the shit out of the truck once again. Smack dab in the middle of a concrete post and a Mercedes SUV, three stories underground.

20190704_Day Eight Quebec City to Ottawa

20190704_Day Eight

Quebec City to Ottawa

We drove. It is hot. It is humid.
More details to follow. Sorry! Eh… And we follows…


We got moving pretty early. To follow up on the previous mention of the garage. The temperature gauge on the truck said it was 100 degrees. We got the truck out with no issues. We got loaded up. According to the Quebec news the bad guy who got arrested was either a drug thing or a panty thief.

I gave up on getting the park trucked so we could go to a highly rated breakfast place with syrup on the table and real plates. We headed for the crass and mundane suburbs where we found another location of the same highly rated breakfast chain. Our waiter was the least proficient at English we had encountered.

I got a breakfast plate with a crepe, two eggs, sausage, ham, english muffin, a fruit smoothie shot, and ham pate’. I had to ask what the hell was ham pate’ and how do you eat it. It’s wasn’t great. I ate it. Mrs. Jon Bruce’s omelette was open faced. They served Diet Pepsi. Also, the place was lousy with groups of older women gabby in French.

Since we were in the burbs, I stopped at SAIL. It’s an outdoor store. I got another chemise technique long sleeve. I got a new Columbia shirt.

My blue Ex Officio shirt, the cute indigo one, has gone crazy. i have had it for about a year. The other day, I hand washed it. The water turned blue. I rinsed it several times. Hung it to dry. The next time I wore it. I turned blue. It wasn’t quite “Violet, you’re turning violet”, still WTF? I have pictures to prove it. I reached out to Ex Officio via twitter. No response yet. I am super pissed. So I got another shirt.

We also went to Costco Canada. Many similarities. Everyone was jumping around like they were handing out samples of Columbian Snow in the spice aisle. But not in an manner that would accomplish anything. Canada may be more American than America. Costco sells a 60 pack of Bud Light. not shabby. Charbonneau almost got run over by a cart.

We hit the road to Ottawa. There was a MAJOR traffic delay. My Waze app was working for the first time in a week, so we got a detour that took us on a tour of the Laurentides. Cottage Country. Where everybody keeps their snow machines and fishing poles and such. Most of the interesting notions at the market, snow shoes, old fishing lures, books, wool blankets, the hood ornament off an old car, etc in Kingston were from the Laurentides. I am sure it is very nice with a cool breeze, but it was 94 and dusty and felt like 110.

We got to the hotel in Ottawa. My first English from the start conversation was with a desk clerk who spoke English as a second language. The garage was allegedly too short for the truck. They sent me to an unsecure street lot in the middle of the capital city. It was a block away from the hotel. Self Park. I was not super excited about this.

The poor overland rig was all alone in the middle of downtown Ottawa all night long. When I went to get it this morning, it was fine. No issues.

We went to a cool neighborhood close by for dinner. It was a gastro pub. I was not in the mood for fancy. The food and the beer was great. We were sitting outside. There was loud music coming from down the street. The boys popped in to check it out. I thought it might be a street fair. It was a outdoor drag show at the inclusive bar. I know it was an inclusive bar because “inclusive” was on the sign out front. Also, there was drag show on the front patio. The boys can add this to the list of things to cover in therapy. We walked back to the hotel.

The Fourth of July fireworks in Ottawa were non-existent. It’s like American Independence Day doesn’t matter to Canada. We watched part of President Trump’s remarks on TV. We went to bed.

Also- Canada is trying to kill me. Cottonwoods are in bloom. Pretty trees in the parking lot are in bloom. Flowers. Gluten. Everything. I have doubled down on allergy medicine.

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