Respond to this ad and you might be DJ’ing your own wedding.

It’s May 3rd. A busy wedding season is just getting started. Guess what? DJ companies are looking for DJs. Check out this ad on Craig’s list.
Maybe they aren’t trying to fill dates they over booked. Maybe they won’t be sending out untrained DJs to a wedding.

Is the company you hired scrambling to find a DJ for your wedding?

Did you get the name of the DJ on the contract? You got a contract. Right?

The ER wedding.

I really enjoyed the wedding on ER. I have been watching this show for way too long. I loved the vows. The Spontaeity.

How did ER manage to include a non-horrible DJ?

How did they swing playing real music by popular artists? This was a break through.

None of the wedding shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, TLC, Lifetime, etc, etc, etc ever use the soundtrack to the actual event. Even “The Wedding Crashers” totally avoids the subject of music. They actually remove the dinner music soundtrack for the show.

The same goes for wedding magazines. How much ink gets devoted to making things pretty? How much to making sure everyone has a great time? You get to vote on this one… Does Pretty equal Fun?