20230304 – Chris Rock – Selective Outrage

The Chris Rock’s “Selective Outrage” special on Netflix is amazing. I got to watch this material twice live, in the past year. Once with Chris in concert shortly after the Oscar incident. Thanks to Dave Chappelle’s airplane issues, I got to see almost the complete set again in January. So last night was amazing. I am definitely going to watch it again.

The order and pace has changed quite a bit. The themes have tighten up. The call backs are all locked in.

I am not going to spoiler it. Go watch.

Here is what I will say.

Practice Makes Perfect

Chris Rock is one of the best in the business. Chris Rock last year was a great show. Chris Rock last month was a better show. Chris Rock last night was even better. He has worked and worked and tightened and trimmed and rewrote and revised to get the show last night.

Chappelle and Michael Che’ were talking about the Netflix special on Thursday night like they had visited a Heavy Weight training camp getting ready for a title fight. Very Apropos. No puns intended.


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