Brown Rice

I have been on a “whole plant” diet (kinda). Brown rice is a whole plant food. White rice is modified. Don’t Ask Me. Look it up.

Brown rice in the instant pot is a miracle. It is so much easier than white rice. I may never cook white rice again. I haven’t had a bad batch yet. It cleans up easier. It’s ridiculous.

No rinsing. Uses less water. Better for the planet. Maybe healthier.

Here is how it is done.

Add Brown Rice and Water in a ratio of 1:1 (one to one) into the instant pot. I have loaded it up with three cups of rice and water. It didn’t overflow. Somewhere more than that is the danger zone.

  • 15 minutes at high pressure
  • 5 minutes Natural Release
  • Quick release
  • Stir it a little bit while putting in another container.

And then?

Brown rice maybe the best thing for fried rice. It looks right. It’s maybe less sweet. I have only tried it twice, but very please with the results.

Mainly using it sparingly for Red Beans and Rice.

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