The Good Fishing Shirt

I bought new long sleeve technical shirts on my trip this year. My weight has topped out near the all time high. I have a stack of XXL, but they are bunchy. I bought three in Portland. I bought two more online when I got home. They had a really nice Cardinal Red, which are rare. I only have one other and it came with a St. Louis Cardinal’s logo and was pricey.

I have been poking around the internet, because someone can make custom shirts.

Here is my breakdown of what makes a good long sleeve technical shirt. I will be standing by for an invite from Ma Boyle.

My Perfect Shirt

The Collar

Button Down Collar is required. I have a couple that have a double collar that unrolls. Pretty nice. I probably would not add that feature in my perfect shirt.

The Yoke

This is the top back of the shirt. Most technical shirts have a mesh inside with vents. No velcro should be anywhere near this area. No gussets. No Billows. No mystery place to accidently put your arm when putting the shirt on.

The Placket

The Placket is the front of the shirt. Simple is better.

The breast Pockets

A Single button-down, Non-gusseted breast pocket on each side. It would be better if they were just decorative. The point of the pockets is to minimize the nipples.

The Buttons and Buttonholes

I need an extra button hole south of the collar button. Most of the time buttons are evenly spaced. I think there has to be a option between Disco Steve and Button Up to the Neck. I need a middle option. I want to see a version of shirt buttons using the golden ratio or something.

The Body

Regular fit, longer like a dress shirt. I need to bend over with this shirt.


I need a tailor to explain what darts might accomplish.

The Sleeves

I like a good roll up sleeve. They don’t stay rolled up. This is where I want my science dollars spent.

The Cuffs

I like two button cuffs.

The Hem

Regular fit, longer like a dress shirt. I need to bend over with this shirt.

Here is the Review that Started This…

Men’s PFG Bahama™ II Long Sleeve Shirt – Big

The Headline – Pretty nice choice from VERY LIMITED OPTIONS. 

The Notes

I moved up to 3x. This is basically the only option. I like the colors, Red, White and the darker grey. Basically the best color options I have found in ages. I would like button down breast pockets. They aren’t available. The collar buttons down. I like that. The sleeves roll up with loops. That is great. Bonus pockets on the breast pockets are unnecessary. Gussets on pockets are unnecessary. I own about 30 Columbia Long Sleeve technical shirts in a couple of different styles. 


I got the terminology for shirt stuff from

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