My Luggage Load Out 2022

I don’t need another bag.

I have two Jansport Euro Saks that are around 20 years old and still awesome.

I have another six bags to replace them with that I use when ever I change things.

This trip I was carrying

  • The North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel – 62 L – as my clothes storage, we packed like nine days worth of clothes, and we had to dress up a couple of times. This was a big trip and
  • Timbuk2 – Classic Messenger Bag – which is pretty much my default weekend, overnight, laptop, EDC and a
  • Golite 28L – for rain gear and down jackets, and empty it is a daypack and a

Dry bag

A dry bag just in case I got on the water. An inexpensive dry bag is also awesome for trash and recycling cans on a roadtrip. An inexpensive dry bag is also awesome for washing clothes on the road. Really awesome. Maybe better than a sink. I am really quite pleased that I figured this out. Put a little Dr. Bronners in there. Put some water in there. wash, rinse, repeat. I dry stuff by rolling it in a towel. I think it it less messy than trying to process a couple of days of clothes in a sink or tub. Certainly uses less water.


We have a Yeti Hopper BackFlip 24 Soft Sided Backpack Cooler that sits in the backseat for beverages and snacks. I don’t know if they are still made. Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment found it at an REI garage sale. She is a genius. It is hands down the best back seat cooler ever. It replaced an RTIC soft side with the worst zipper in the entire world.

Snack Bag

I have two Snack Bags. They are both ridiculous. I am embarrassed to even mention the brands. Every extra reusable grocery bag will do the same quality of job. Fine.

  • Black Hole 25L Tote which I got an a garage sale and a
  • Northface tote that was VERY reasonably priced and I use it every week for groceries. Don’t let people tell you I am not having fun.


Get a hold of yourself

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