Taking Pictures on the Road

Best Tip of the Trick Photography Edition

I am always looking for a great picture. Something that tells a story. A great moment. Photo Journalism Style. Sometimes, I see a moment that I want to capture, but don’t because it just isn’t my photo to take.

For example

At Cheyenne Frontier Days, there was a grandma feeding her grandkids and some grateful, exasperated stranger mom’s hungry kids snacks. They were lined up on the top of the stands, adorable and happy. Very focus on snacks. I had a spark of inspiration. Rather than wheel around with my camera and intrude, I asked the grandma for her phone so I could take a picture. I wish that I could share that picture with you, but it is not mine. But it got taken and I feel better knowing it exists. C’est la vie!

It’s not a missed opportunity, if you do something about it.


Taking Pictures on the Road

Keep it simple. More cameras equals more complexity, more places for images, more images to process.

A modern, up to date, iPhone is a powerful camera and it makes videos and panoramic pictures and nice portraits. It also takes great selfies. It does amazing in low light.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro front TrueDepth camera 2.71mm f/2.2

After my 2022 trip, I processed, rated and reviewed more than 2500 pictures. I still have 1800 pictures from the iPhone and two Cannons.

98.54% iPhone Pictures

135 of 137 (98.54%) of the best pictures I took on this trip were iPhone pictures. 98.54%.  This is because it was the only camera I carried ALL the time.  This is also  because the iPhone takes great pictures. Everybody has an iPhone. Camera gear looks expensive and can attract unnecessary attention.

The convenience of our phones is a good reason to use , also you can use your spouses when you misplace your own.

Linda The Bruce, my mom

If you need another camera, bring a friend with an iPhone. Lower your base weight. Friends can also haul camera bags. Probably not.

If you need a better camera, buy a new iPhone.


Unless, you are taking pictures that require special lenses.

Super Duper Telephoto

iPhone doesn’t do eagle photography. A Sigma 150-600mm would have been awesome in San Francisco when I was trying to take pictures of the wild parrots. Mrs. JonTheBruce got some decent iPhone pictures of the parrots because she could see them with her normal color vision. I couldn’t figure how to frame them, because I couldn’t see them in the trees. I would have done better with my giant camera, because I could zoom.

It might do hummingbird photography. I don’t have hummingbirds that like to get that close to me and stay still. I get great results with the same 150-600, but my cousins kid’s got an amazing picture free hand with an iPhone.

Wide Angle

I got a lot of great pictures in the Redwoods with my Canon and a 10-18 wide angle lens. The whole series is Canon goodness. I don’t have any Apple pics to compare.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove – Canon 10mm f/7

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