20220810 – Red Oxx Manufacturing – Billings, Montana

I love luggage. Red Oxx Manufacturing has been making luggage that has been on my radar for a while. They make travel gear for the road, the rail, the air, the dirt. It’s pretty heavy duty. Massive zippers. Awesome grab handles.

I have had them saved on Google Maps for years. My only problem with luggage is that I have too much of it.

I came home with a Nomad Shave Kit https://www.redoxx.com/nomad-shave-kit-91035/p

and a heart full of desire. If you are wondering if Red Oxx is awesome, and bomb proof and feels as good as it looks, it is. it does. It passed all the tests. Not going to be the lightest option, but definitely going to be the last bag standing.

The Nomad Shave Kit is the home for my new Tevas or a pair of Merrell zero rise in it. It’s perfect for back up shoes or flipflops and accessories. probably great for shave kit, too

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