20220810 – Rand Custom Hat’s, Billlings, Montana

I got a recommendation from my friend to check out Rand Custom Hat’s in Billings, Montana. https://www.randhats.com/index.html
At the time, I got this tip there was no way in the world I would be in the area. Life is funny like that.

Rand’s is awesome. It’s not huge, but they had several hats in 7 3/4″ handy. One of them came home with me. I also got measured for a custom hat. The lead times are not trivial and the number of beavers that will need to be shaved to make my hat could fill a bag of jokes and puns.

Usually, I have the biggest head in the room. Luckily, there was a Samoan kid from British Columbia with what the boss head measuring guy described as a honest eight inch. I also introduced the Samoan kid to Fatheads Eyewear. https://fatheadz.com/ The eyewear of choice for fellas with big heads.

So the next time you see an incredibly stylish Samoan guy with a cowboy hat and cool sunglasses. You can thank me personally and partially. Minds were blown.

Folks will tell you that cowboy hats are all different and fit people differently. This is patently untrue. Every cowboy hat is the same as every other. I took some photos for comparison and to prove my point.

Luckily, Hanna, who made a custom hat for my buddy, was able to steer me into a hat that was virtually indistinguishable from the others. She also ran in the back and made me a custom Stampede Strap.
Rand makes all the kinds of cowboy hats. Literally you pick the material, the crown shape, the brim shape, the brim front, color, accessories, and size and color. They have more options and choices than the family standing in line in front of you at Starbucks. Like millions. They also have Hanna, who can help you find the thing that fits on your head like you were born into it.

Hanna and the man who clearly needs a hat.

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