20220802 – San Francisco to Eureka

Breakfast in San Francisco

Woke up late
Mrs. JonTheBruce got 17k steps
Taxied to Timbuk2
Not open yet
Breakfast and coffee at La Boulangerie de San Francisco on Hayes.
So good, I wrote a google review.
Her sandwich was great.
Turkey Brie croissant
My blueberry cream cheese patisserie was perfect.
All buttery goodness,
not a hint of
crumbly stale
Was any where to be found.

JonTheBruce, 2022

We hit Timbuk2 next. I found the perfect bag for Merryweather to steal as soon as I get home. The sales person mentioned that Peak Design was across the street when I asked about camera stuff. Mrs. JonTheBruce picked out a MagSafe charging car mount, which turned out to be awesome. High Speed super charger. We could swap phones for GPS changes on the go readily. No more partial charged overnight phone going dead worries. https://www.peakdesign.com/products/car-mount

Cotopaxi was on the same block, but we already did that in Salt Lake City.

We hopped in a Uber to Dragons Gate in China town where we engaged in tourism shopping and used the cash register this time. Much less exciting. Much more productive.

Surprisingly hard to get a good photo of one the most photographed places on the planet.

We hopped in another Uber to the hotel and checked out. We took the Highlander through Haight Ashbury then the Painted Ladies. I thought they were called Seven sisters, but somehow Mrs. JonTheBruce figured it out.

We got to see the parrots again. In the park, across from the Painted Ladies. They are pretty well camouflaged for my kind of color blindness. Mrs. JonTheBruce got a great picture. I may have too, but won’t know until I get in front of a computer and can look. I definitely would have brought the big guns if I thought this was a remote possibility.

We checked out the Presidio and Golden Gate with views from both sides of the bridge.

Muir Woods Requires Reservations ALWAYS

Should have known better. It’s a National Monument located within minutes of one of the most populated cities in North America. The parking lot attendant did allow me to run in and buy a National Monument pin. I was pretty ambivalent about it because it is Redwoods all the way up from here.

We bee-lined for Redwood National/State park to see more Redwoods and more coast. We were racing against the sun. I manage to show Mrs. JonTheBruce the river and the forest along the Avenue of Giants and the fairy ring at Burlington campground and Robison creek.

We took some head shots in case we get cast in the next season of Virgin River. (It’s really filmed in British Columbia) but it will always be in the vicinity of Burlington Campground in my heart.

We are available for walk-ons, or frantic back ground boat paddling or romantic leads or short term bad guys in any episode of Virgin River. Have passports will travel. We will write our own story arcs. Eager to please. No Representation.

At some point, we encountered a really good gas station. How good? They had Skor and Heath Bar candy bars in the same store.

Here is the official description from Hersheyland.com.

  • SKOR Milk Chocolate with Crisp Butter Toffee Candy Bar
  • HEATH Milk Chocolate English Toffee Candy Bar

So, what’s the difference between a Heath and a Skor bar? They are both chocolate bars made from toffee covered in milk chocolate. Though Heath claims to be made from English toffee, it is closer to a butter crunch, which is what is found in a Skor bar.


They are both delicious.

She said “I am glad we didn’t eat some place local instead”

We pulled into Eureka, California late, but just in time for Applebee’s happy hour. We stunted on that late night happy hour like a couple of mid-20 something’s after Lollapalooza. Our first impromptu hotel was the last room in town and a Holiday Inn. Easily the largest hotel room I have been in (maybe second). Accessible with an in-room jacuzzi tub, kitchenette and a fire place and a sitting room. Ridiculous. Plenty of room for roller skating, but directly above the front desk and back office.

Gentle readers may inquire. Yes of course. I used the giant in room Jacuzzi tub. I did call down and double check with the front desk before firing it up. Because I would be landing in some front desk persons lap if it collapsed. I am the reason for the California Water Crisis.

We slept.

This is almost half the suite. Bathroom/Kitchen/sitting room are off to the left.

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