20190624 – Overland Rig Stow-able Top / Stow-able Rack Debut

This showed up on Facebook today.

“This is the first look at the 2018 Ford F150 with a stowable rack AND a softtopper. Here is a complete set of pictures. I designed and then worked with a machine shop to fabricate new bed rail caps. They allow me to use both the stowable rack and/or folding bed cap at the same time. There are permanent solutions that do both, but this is one of the first stowable solutions for the F-150 I have ever seen. I also included a pic of the sanitization/sunscreen/bug spray compartments.”

20220624 – Nothing has changed. It has gotten some sun and rain and dirt on it. The clamps still work fine. The 2018 F150 still has post holes on the top of the bed rails like Sanford and sons or Beverly Hillbillies. I could/should/may weld posts to the bed rail caps. The result would be more bomb proof. I haven’t had any issues, it might be a little cleaner look.

People ask why. I tell them… If I bought a hard top camper shell, I would find a motorcycle or something I couldn’t live with out. This insures I will never be tempted to buy something cool like a motorcycle, because this level of flexibility insures that will never happen.

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