20210723 – Little Rock to Lafayette, Louisiana

20210723 – my first headline was funnier

We survived the night. I was certain that there would be a loud domestic disturbance In the parking lot. Slept very well.

We had breakfast at the Waffle Lodge House. Merryweather has learned the ways, customs and language of the Waffle Tribe. He loves the place. He says Texas Bacon Patty Melt, Smothered and capped. They bring him food. I tried ordering in Plains American. My food came also. The Waffle House next to Twin Peaks in Little Rock is very nice and clean and pleasant. Five stars for a Waffle House. I am not kidding. Seriously.

Mrs Jon Bruce Entertainment had strongly suggested we visit a presidential museum on this trip. Luckily, the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library was located close. We got timed entry tickets to avoid the crowds. Also, lucky. I behaved as best as I could. The library is basically ALL the letters that people sent to the president while he was in office. I imagine half the collection is written in crayon. Someday Robot Doris Kearns Goodwin will find a letter President Ivanka Trump sent to then President Clinton as a child. It will bring it full circle. “Grabbing them right in the pussy” will be seen as a reference to Socks the White House cat. History is written by the winners.

Bill Clinton is the Tom Jones of politics. There I said it. Don’t leave your women folk unattended if he is lurking around. This library has the same kind of sexual energy as a Justin Timberlake mosh pit. It’s a little scary. The docents aren’t just knowledgeable and helpful. They are 70 year old fan girls.

I also learned that HRC attend vacation bible school and that the Clintons tried to pass Obamacare. Unfortunately, no one knew what Obamacare was because Oprah hadn’t invented Obama yet.

I was disappointed overall. I wanted to see a picture of Clinton with PJ O’Rourke and Hunter Thompson. I had to settle for a tenor sax, half a Chilhuly and a couple of pictures of James Carville.

For some reason, there is a Central Perk backdrop and Friends replica couch for us young people to “hashtag the MySpace”.

As we walked out, I was still undecided on the next stop. Hot Springs National Park may be lame, but it’s a National Park. I am not going to miss one. We drove through the phalanx of tourist traps to the top of the hill. We then rode an elevator to the top of the tower on the top of the hill. There was a panoramic scenic vista. The gift shop had a pin for our collection.

The free scenic vista was excellent. I could have gotten out of here for free except for the pin. I wasn’t leaving without the pin. Plus we were right there. Its not like we could have not done the elevator tower too. I had really low expectations based on my last visit as a kid. I am glad we stopped. Merryweather had no interest in the hot springs bath house experience. Neither did my mom thirty years ago. This aversion must be genetic. Overall, Hot Springs National Park exceed my childhood memories.

We headed to Texarkana. We had a late lunch at Loca Luna, a local Mexican restaurant. It was excellent. I got arroz con pollo con queso con peppers and onion. On paper this is the same as I order in St Louis. In reality, it was so much better. The peppers and onion are thinly sliced, grilled not oily and not mushy. The cheese was shredded white cheese not cheese for dipping chips. Merryweather got Tahkos con Calle con steak. We needed gas and some Lonestar.

I stopped at the most questionable gas station I have seen in YEARS. As we pulled up, the entrance was blocked by a court arranged weekend with dad hand off. Half the pumps weren’t working. It was a gas station AND a Greyhound bus station. They had gas and Lonestar, but the amount of time and drama required to disentangle myself from the weird heaviness makes me think they could have thrown in the beer for free. Did I mentioned we tagged up Texas and got Lonestar? Win-win.

We drove by Diamond Crater State Park. Merryweather knows a lot about treasure hunting, but wouldn’t be tempted to try it out for himself. We pressed on to Lafayette, Louisiana. The Best Western Plus Vermillion River Inn and Suites is not off to a promising start.

We had a late dinner at Don’s Seafood in Lafayette. We had grilled oysters covered in cheese and bacon which got inhaled. The fried crab claws are fried. You eat them like a chicken wing drum (kinda). The shrimp boil was the spiciest I have experienced. The corn definitely wasn’t from Indiana. It was probably the healthiest thing we ate. I am going to try and eat more seafood tomorrow but healthy options, but also my body weight in shrimp and crawfish and oysters and maybe a grilled seagull.

Mrs Jon Bruce Entertainment mentioned that the last episode needed a lot of editing. My apologies for this one also.

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