20190527 – South Dakota Kayak Challenge

20190527 – South Dakota Kayak Challenge

SDKC (South Dakota Kayak Challenge) we placed top 3 in our category (out of three). We canoed 72 miles in 12 hours 40 minutes. That is around 5.5 miles an hour in a canoe. That includes stopping so Calvin could talk BWCA with the checkpoint teams. We have the blisters to show it. There were 170 competitors and adventurers. The event was really well organized and run.

At the orientation meeting, they announced that this would be the final race.

The Missouri River was VERY high, VERY Fast.

I got to use Avenza Maps app with geo spatial maps from National Parks and the race team. A tremendous tool. It’s like having a National Park map on your phone and you can see your location on the map. Invaluable.

Calvin is a tremendous paddler. My dad did great support driving.

It was a great challenge. We got to eat some great food and fellowship. Also did some awesome sleeping when we were done.

Friday night we got to carbo load at the world famous Ice House in Yankton, South Dakota. The Ice House will sell you six Bud Light bottles in a bucket of ice for $12 that you can enjoy in the parking lot. Apparently, the tradition is to smash the empties under the dock. One of the weirdest local customs I have encountered.

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