20210705 – Lower Meramec in a new canoe.

20210705 – Lower Meramec – Meramec Park to George Winter Park.

Charbonneau sent me a link for a Facebook Marketplace canoe listing. It wasn’t exactly what we were looking for BUT it was awesome. Totally awesome. Wenonah 16 foot Adirondak in Royalex. Very clean. Dressed as pretty as a picture with a Leinenkugel Lodge livery! This boat was probably a giveaway. I arranged to meet up with the seller. It was in great, like new condition. It’s an 2008 boat, but it was only paddled to church on Sundays.

So I bought it.

On Monday, we took it out for a routine expedition. I had researched a trip down the Missouri. St Charles to the Confluence. We drove down to St. Charles and the river was booming. Just came off flood stage in the last day or two. We passed and went to brunch. Found out later that the last takeout on the Missouri was closed due to flooding.

Brunch was excellent. So we went scouting the Meramec. We started at 141 and ended up at Meramec Park. https://goo.gl/maps/uVenZG42uDc89TWQ7

We paddled to George Winter Jefferson County Park. https://goo.gl/maps/nKsmodZf4RZ8rhfW9

It was pretty cool. The upper section was pretty peaceful, but past the 44 bridge motor boat traffic got heavier and heavier. It was the Monday after the fourth of July.

Resources for when you misplace your Missouri Canoe Guide.

Missouri Canoe and Floaters Association

Missouri Department of Conversation


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