20210613 – Current River – Cedar Grove to Akers

20210613 – Current River – Cedar Grove to Akers

I was super impressed Echo Bluff State Park Lodge. I was eager to share it with Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment. So we booked the first available room. On a Sunday. One Day Only. And since we were in that neck of the woods, might as well go canoeing. So Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment went on a canoe trip with me. Don’t bother googling, this probably hasn’t happened since Cub Scout Day camp.

I choose Akers Ferry Canoe Rental for a livery. I have used three or four canoe liveries around Eminence. They were all great. Akers was particularly great. They put us in a Wenonah canoe with really low seats and low walls. Very Stable. Very Accessible. Floated like a dream. Like all the other liveries in the area I have used, the actual trip was shorter than estimated time. Plenty of water and I am an excellent paddler.

The Current River was pretty busy on a Sunday. Lots of boats. Lots of tubes. Lots of people hanging out on gravel bars. It was hot, in the 90’s. There was plenty of water in the system for a hot mid-June float. Floating under the tree lined banks in the shade was wonderful.

Not a lot of wildlife. We were on the water for about three hours. We made a short stop at Welch Spring.

Another cool thing we discovered. We met two of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Park Rangers. They gave us a safety talk before the bus left. We also ran into them at Welch Spring. I did a little research. In addition to being pleasant, informative and professional, one of them is also an author. His book Moonshine and Watermelons is downloading to my Kindle as we speak.

On the way to the lodge, we got a moment of cell phone reception notifying us that the room was ready for check-in. The room at Echo Bluff State Park Lodge was great. We went to dinner at the world famous Dairy Shack. There may be another restaurant in Eminence, but I am not sure I want to know about it. We had burgers and fried mushrooms and tots. It was excellent. The cheese fries were drowned in cheese. The only fries that survived were following the ABCs of cheese fry safety and wearing life jackets. The only thing I wouldn’t get again. The ice cream looked great but you had to eat it quick.

We went back to the lodge. The rocking chairs on the back deck are a great spot to watch the occasional plane fly over. Looked at the stars and shared a pretty good shooting star. Sinking Creek burbles in the background. It’s was nice.

We slept about 14 hours.

Had a nice breakfast. Went looking for the Shawnee Herd. The wild horse pack that I had seen on my last trip are pretty elusive apparently. They had crossed the river on Sunday at a canoe take out close by. They were no where to be seen on Monday.

Star Chart on IOS has been on my phone for a long time. It’s great for constellations and satellites and planets, etc.


We get infrequent planes flying over the house. I have been using FlightAware to figure out what is flying overhead. This is highly entertaining. We didn’t see many planes, but the ones we did see were WAY up high, above 35,000 feet, and headed to airports all over.


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