Turkeys and Thermometers

I got a free thermometer with my turkey fryer that was a turkey. Pro tip. Put a good digital thermometer or two on your Christmas list.

I couldn’t figure out why the oil wasn’t coming up to temperature. So I scienced and used a different thermometer. The thermometer that came with the fryer said 220, the digital said 400. The oil was bubbling like it was 400. I tossed the free one. I also used a digital probe on the turkey. It was awesome.

I am currently using an Inkbird Instant. It is waterproof, rechargeable and has a magnet on the back so it lives on the vent hood. This has taken a front seat to the Thermoworks Instant Read which I have used for several years. The Thermoworks still works, but sometimes I have to fidget to get it to power on.

I use an instant read all the time. On the grill, in the oven, it is absolutely indispensable.

The other kind is a Thermoworks DOT. I hadn’t used it until this week. It has a probe on a long cord. I broke this on in on turkey this year. I am going to get another one. It is very handy.

I used the wired probe in the turkey breast to get it cooked perfectly. Like the little pop up thing, but science.

The web page says BBQ teams buy them in stacks. If the correct temp is important, I can definitely see why. I am going to buy another one to monitor oil temperature next time. They have an alarm that can be set by temperature.

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