Maker’s Mark Grilled Chicken

I tried using Jack Daniels Pork Rub a couple of years ago. I ruined about Three pounds of pork chops. Tonight I looked at the ingredients of Jack Daniels Pork Rub. Ignored the salt. Added all the Garlic, paprika, brown sugar, crushed pepper, a twist of lime, and a half cup of olive oil. I added that to about eight pork chops and let it marinate for two hours in a ziplock bag.

But then I remembered that Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment bought a ice bucket yesterday. It seemed excessive at the time, but I was buying a crazy amount of original midcentury furniture. Sooo….

I got the Makers and Jack Daniels out. With rocks glasses and filled the ice bucket.

I made a lot of rice. I got the ice bucket filled. I waited until the majority of cooking was done to start drinking.

The marinated pork turned out good. I can’t say pork and keep calling it chicken. so the marinated chicken was delicious.

I have obviously been over served. Which is why professional bartenders are an important parts of the economy and should be accounted for in the Covid-19 bailed out.

The service and gig economy is essential to the world. a professional bartender would have recogized that a triple, maybe quadruple, shot of Maker’d Mark was too much for a pre-dinner cocktail. I am very out of practice. Diet Coke made it drinkable, but seriously.

I grilled the pork for three minutes a side on a grill at high heat. Pulled them as they hit 145 degrees. Served on a bed of rice.

The temperature of my grill is a subject for a sober conversation.

One thought on “Maker’s Mark Grilled Chicken

  1. Im jealous Jamie bought an awesome Ice bucket. Igloo. I had one years ago and regret tossing it many years later. Your chicken (pork) looks delicious. Hope you had some taste buds left after your special cocktail.
    Aunt Karen

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