Trial & Error – Grilled Cheese

So the other day, Merryweather and I’s watched a little too much Good Eats Reloaded. We had seen an episode on Grilled Cheese. We made some nice grilled cheese with mom’s chili for dinner.

We got to talking about grilled cheese modifications. We actually used Dubliner Cheese for dinner. Merryweather went multi-cheese, mayo, mustard, paprika?. If Merryweather doesn’t learn how to tame if down about 20%, I am going to start calling him Squirrelly Dan. We had a nice dinner. To be clear.

Standard Grilled Cheese


  • Three unwrapped American Cheese slices. Pre-sliced American Cheese that was never individually wrapped. Probably from costco, maybe store brand, rarely Kraft.
  • Two slices of wheat bread probably from Aldi.
  • Butter


  1. Butter a slice of bread
  2. Slap it on a warm skillet butter side down.
  3. Add Cheese
  4. Add another slice of bread, butter side up
  5. Cooked on a non-stick skillet at medium until brown.
  6. Flip it brown other side
  7. Plate & Consume

The experiment.

We had six slices of bread left. A large chunk of Velveeta block. Various Condiments. We split the cheese into equal portions.

  • Wheat Bread, Butter, Velveeta
  • Wheat Bread, Mayonnaise, Velveeta
  • Wheat Bread, Butter, Dijon Mustard on the inside, Velveeta

The Results

Velveeta is inedible, chemical tasting trash. It might have been better if we just hadn’t had nicer cheese for dinner. I love it. I use it for queso dip all the time. We cut the experiment short. We didn’t finish any of the sandwiches. Bleah.


Mayonnaise spreads more smoothly than room temperature butter, so it looks more uniformly browned. I don’t eat mayonnaise, but it didn’t radically change the taste which was gross, because we used block Velveeta.

Mustard… I like mustard, but this wasn’t a fun new way to enjoy mustard.

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