20180922 Dave & Madriane’s Wedding

I first met Dave at his sisters wedding… a couple of years ago. That couple in the middle is Dave’s sister Jenny and Dave. They got married… a couple of years ago. They haven’t aged a day. Neither have Jenny and Dave’s mom and dad on the right. Timeless.

When Jenny got married, her little brother said. “When I get married, I am going to hire you to DJ”. He wasn’t kidding. Madriane was planning the wedding from Texas. It was gorgeous. I hadn’t been to the Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie, Indiana since before I met Dave and Jenny. It was a fun weekend with amazing hosts. I got to check out the new and old of Ball State University.

20180922 IMG_5434.JPG

20180922 IMG_5400.JPG

I was early enough that I helped decorate. This balloon sculpture is just one of many skills I can bring to an event.


This is one of the flower girls. This picture is mine.

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