20180728 Twin Lakes High School Class Reunion

My high school class reunion was coming up. So I offered to help plan it. Never mind that the high school is in Monticello, Indiana and I was living in Missouri.

Timing wise it was amazing. It was the weekend after Brynleigh and Silas’s wedding.

So I got to combine planning trips and drove back and forth two weekends in a row.

I also got to flex some creative muscle and misappropriate some cherished memories. Bonus… I shared and duplicated a lot of the stuff for another friend’s high school class reunion.

Many thanks to the smart, capable alumni who kept me in check.




Freddy Kruger_TLHS.jpg


men dressed like men_635966654983808690-gmndc5-5bhtdgftnkyln54r8kj-original.jpg



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