Save that cooler!!! Igloo 100 quart cooler remodel


  • 1 broke ass Igloo cooler
  • 1 Igloo replacement parts kit


  • Replace the broken and missing parts.
  • Profit

And now… the rest of the story.

I found a Igloo 100 quart cooler in the trash on Friday. The hinges were broken. The latch was missing. Today I have a good as new Igloo 100 quart cooler.

It cost $10. I got the replacement hardware from Amazon. Replaced the broken and missing parts.


It’s like printing money.

  • Notes

  • The factory hinges are NOT designed to fold all the way back. There is a strap on the inside that is designed to hold open the lid. If the strap is missing, the hinges are going to break.

    If the strap is missing, the hinges are going to break.

    There is an aftermarket hinge made with hose material that might be better if you need hinges open all the way. I did it with factory parts for you, gentle reader. I plan on returning the cooler to the people who tossed it. I left some notes in Sharpie to whoever goes on this adventure next time.

    Alternatively, you could live without the hinges. Or use metal hinges with cotter-pins so the lid is remove-able.