Instant pot hard boiled eggs 4 minutes


Eggs, a cup of water, 4 minutes

Use an ice bath or tap water to cool the eggs and peel them.

Long version

Use the trivet or a basket or layers, like an ogre.

Put a cup of water in the bottom

Stack eggs

High pressure 4 minutes

Rinse the eggs and peel them


The generally accepted cook time for hard boiled eggs is 4-4-4.

4 minutes high pressure

4 minutes natural release

4 minutes in an ice bath

It works great for my pot.


My last batch went like this.

  • 4 minutes high pressure
  • 71 minutes natural release
  • 4 minutes in an ice bath

I started eggs and left them to sit for an hour and eleven minutes. I got to play Fortnite for an hour. The eggs are edible. They are not pretty. The white is off white. The outside of the yolk has changed color. It’s green. These are over cooked. The world did not end.


The eggs will continue cooking as long as you have heat on the eggs.

They peel really easy. I usually make eggs for use at a later date. I just burn my fingers peeling them and throw them in the fridge.

Putting them in an ice bath or running some water makes your fingers burn less. Cold water makes the eggs easier to peel.

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