20190709 Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula

20190709 Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula
We left the apartment early. Mrs Jon Bruce Entertainment and Merryweather were dropped off at Pearson International Airport for their return trip. There was much tears shed at our fond farewell.
Charbonneau and I stopped for breakfast to let traffic settle. We went to a small breakfast place called Friends. Charbonneau remarked that it was the most consistently branded locally owned business he has ever see. The prices were excellent. The potatoes were so uniformly and consistently cooked that I thought is was cantaloupe. I have never seen better prepared breakfast potatoes. Apparently, it is a one woman show. I didn’t see any other employees.
I also went to a pharmacy to explore Canadian allergy remedies. I would settle for a witch doctor at this point. I got Tylenol sinus because apparently Canadians like meth too. I also got another allergy medicine that won’t make my heart explode.
We headed out for the Bruce Peninsula. This place had escaped my notice until a couple of weeks ago. There is a bunch of stuff named Bruce in Canada. It is a longish drive through fields of allergens. Very scenic.
We got to Bruce Peninsula National Park. Their campground was full. We got a pin and went to the chamber of commerce / community center for the closest town, Tobermory. As much as I love all this Scottish stuff it is hard to remember how to spell. They directed us to a couple of nearby campgrounds. We picked a spot. Bruce Peninsula National Park is one of the busiest in the system. Very popular and located on Lake Huron.
We also booked our ferry across the lake to some other place.
We checked out the observation tower and the town.
Canada National Parks is different. We have a Canada parks pass, but it’s not the same as America. Today we were trying to check out part of the park, but it requires an entry permit with a reservation time and a separate fee. Charbonneau got on the phone and got the reservation. It should be cool.
We went to the next section of park and drove approximately 100 miles on the dustiest one lane road ever. We check out Halfway Log Dump. It’s a beach with fist sized or bigger smooth stones. Walking across them sounds strange. There seems to be enough airspace between the stones for a reverberation and they clatter. The rock shelf here is called the Niagara escarpment. It dips into Lake Huron here. The other end hits water at Niagara Falls.
The water is cold and crystal clear. People were swimming. I waded bit. Pretty nice.
Of course with Mrs. Jon Bruce dipping out, our fortunes have ebbed a bit. We have resorted to gathering our meager rations from our surroundings. We also couldn’t afford wood for a fire. We resorted to warming ourselves with Cuban cigars. Cuban cigars taste like a reasonable relationship with our commie neighbors to the South would be a good thing. My mouth is still tingling from the nicotine and carcinogens.
We played a round of mini golf at the campground. It was only nine holes and not World MiniGolf certified. Woe is us. (It took me ten minutes to remember how to spell sad whoa)
I have heard people say that island prices are high. Let me tell you, Peninsula prices defy imagination. We had lunch in town. A single fish taco was $6. A 20 ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon $8. The guacamole was a $1.25 up charge. Hot sauce was also .$1.25. The camping spot we picked was $52. The nice one was $60. The campground has a $90 tent that you could get at Walmart for less than $30. Though if you really need a tent from the Campground store it is probably worth any price.
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