20190707 Day Eleven Toronto

20190707 Day Eleven

The weather was pretty much perfect today. Charbonneau, Mrs. Jon Bruce and I went to brunch. We went to Thompson Diner. I like everything about Thompson Diner. There was no line. The food was amazing. Charbonneau got chicken and waffles. I was certain this was a bad idea north of the border. It was incredible. Pretty much perfect. I would put this chicken and waffles up against Atlanta, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Omaha. The omelette and the other waffle were also perfect.

We checked out Graffiti Alley. We took some amazing pictures. My space work was on point if I do say so myself.

We went back to the apartment and roused Merryweather. Charbonneau and Merryweather got lunch while I got caught up on Stranger Things. We had just finished the final episode at 3:45pm when Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment asked “What time is 1600 in real time?”
I replied. “4pm”
She says, “I just got an alert for our Second City show tonight. With a start time of 4pm.” I checked the tickets. Yes, our evening of theater was starting at 4pm. We raced to Second City. We were about ten minutes late. It was a revue called “She the People”. It was a wonderful show. All female cast. AND HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! Bruce McCulloch from “Kids in the Hall” was sitting at the next FUCKING TABLE.

I was sitting next to Geddy Lee. During intermission, I turned to ask him why the old Toronto mayor was still in the news. Geddy explained that Old Toronto Mayor was now the Premier of Ontario. (maybe like the governor?) Also Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank is Canadian. (who knew?)

And Bruce McCulloch sitting at the next table over from us.

The show was funny. There are a couple of cast members are stand outs.  I will brag about seeing them on stage back in the day when they hit it big. Bruce was very polite. I got a really great photo with him. It’s nice to have a once in a lifetime encounter with an amazing and talented person. It’s even better to have that moment captured perfectly on camera. Win-Win.

After the show, we went by Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant on the way back to the apartment. It has a number 99 outside. We went to a dumpling place for dinner. I had two places in mind. Dumplings are not the same as Dim Sum. We made this mistake the other day. Juicy Dumpling was the highest rated. They have limited seating and counter service. I wanted someplace with the bamboo baskets at the table. I asked everybody to order small and we could go to the other place two blocks away.

Apparently, there was a miscommunication. Merryweather ordered a whole chicken. We ended up with the chicken and three other servings. It was pretty good. The one with the fish goes best with a lot of hot sauce. Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment, Charbonneau and Merryweather got Dairy Queen.

We walked through Chinatown and Kensington Market. We ended up at Sneaky Dee’s for a plate of so-so nachos. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by a Toronto Fringe Festival event. We checked it out for a couple of minutes then got back on the trolley to the apartment.

Google Pics link – https://photos.app.goo.gl/xzU6kidrYEaswzEaA

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