20190704_Day Eight Quebec City to Ottawa

20190704_Day Eight

Quebec City to Ottawa

We drove. It is hot. It is humid.
More details to follow. Sorry! Eh… And we follows…


We got moving pretty early. To follow up on the previous mention of the garage. The temperature gauge on the truck said it was 100 degrees. We got the truck out with no issues. We got loaded up. According to the Quebec news the bad guy who got arrested was either a drug thing or a panty thief.

I gave up on getting the park trucked so we could go to a highly rated breakfast place with syrup on the table and real plates. We headed for the crass and mundane suburbs where we found another location of the same highly rated breakfast chain. Our waiter was the least proficient at English we had encountered.

I got a breakfast plate with a crepe, two eggs, sausage, ham, english muffin, a fruit smoothie shot, and ham pate’. I had to ask what the hell was ham pate’ and how do you eat it. It’s wasn’t great. I ate it. Mrs. Jon Bruce’s omelette was open faced. They served Diet Pepsi. Also, the place was lousy with groups of older women gabby in French.

Since we were in the burbs, I stopped at SAIL. It’s an outdoor store. I got another chemise technique long sleeve. I got a new Columbia shirt.

My blue Ex Officio shirt, the cute indigo one, has gone crazy. i have had it for about a year. The other day, I hand washed it. The water turned blue. I rinsed it several times. Hung it to dry. The next time I wore it. I turned blue. It wasn’t quite “Violet, you’re turning violet”, still WTF? I have pictures to prove it. I reached out to Ex Officio via twitter. No response yet. I am super pissed. So I got another shirt.

We also went to Costco Canada. Many similarities. Everyone was jumping around like they were handing out samples of Columbian Snow in the spice aisle. But not in an manner that would accomplish anything. Canada may be more American than America. Costco sells a 60 pack of Bud Light. not shabby. Charbonneau almost got run over by a cart.

We hit the road to Ottawa. There was a MAJOR traffic delay. My Waze app was working for the first time in a week, so we got a detour that took us on a tour of the Laurentides. Cottage Country. Where everybody keeps their snow machines and fishing poles and such. Most of the interesting notions at the market, snow shoes, old fishing lures, books, wool blankets, the hood ornament off an old car, etc in Kingston were from the Laurentides. I am sure it is very nice with a cool breeze, but it was 94 and dusty and felt like 110.

We got to the hotel in Ottawa. My first English from the start conversation was with a desk clerk who spoke English as a second language. The garage was allegedly too short for the truck. They sent me to an unsecure street lot in the middle of the capital city. It was a block away from the hotel. Self Park. I was not super excited about this.

The poor overland rig was all alone in the middle of downtown Ottawa all night long. When I went to get it this morning, it was fine. No issues.

We went to a cool neighborhood close by for dinner. It was a gastro pub. I was not in the mood for fancy. The food and the beer was great. We were sitting outside. There was loud music coming from down the street. The boys popped in to check it out. I thought it might be a street fair. It was a outdoor drag show at the inclusive bar. I know it was an inclusive bar because “inclusive” was on the sign out front. Also, there was drag show on the front patio. The boys can add this to the list of things to cover in therapy. We walked back to the hotel.

The Fourth of July fireworks in Ottawa were non-existent. It’s like American Independence Day doesn’t matter to Canada. We watched part of President Trump’s remarks on TV. We went to bed.

Also- Canada is trying to kill me. Cottonwoods are in bloom. Pretty trees in the parking lot are in bloom. Flowers. Gluten. Everything. I have doubled down on allergy medicine.

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