20190703 Day Seven Quebec City

20190703 Day Seven

Quebec City

We woke up for breakfast. It was all uphill from the start.

Just outside our apartment the police arrested a guy on our way to breakfast. I heard a siren behind me. I figured it was a traffic stop. A dirty minivan stopped in front of the crosswalk and two slightly built dudes with guns in plainclothes jumped out and approached the guy next to me. I was like “I am standing behind the guy, the guy with the gun wants to talk to.”

There were two uniformed motorcycle cops assisting. But this looked like some serious secret squirrel type activity. The one guy put the stopped guy in the back of the van via the drivers side sliding door and was talking to him. After we walked up the hill, the dirty unmarked mini van was talking to the suspect on the side of the road.

Mrs. Jon Bruce Entertainment wanted fancy sit down breakfast with plates and syrup on the table. I picked the biggest and closest place. Unfortunately, it was a coffee shop in a convention center. Mrs. Jon Bruce may have been served the plastic display vege quiche’ display or vegan quiche’. I tasted it and couldn’t decide which. The boys and I had tasty sandwiches with grill marks. I also had a carrot salad. The best part of breakfast was the television and Diet Coke. The Diet Coke was great for all the normal reasons. The television was great because some government type was giving a press conference outside Quebec Parliament.

When we walked back upstairs from the conference center, we could see the press conference concluding across the street at the Quebec Parliament. We walked over to Parliament du Quebec. Quebec has a strong provincial government, but they also seem to be prepared to be a separate country if the rest of Canada doesn’t keep it’s shit together. Also, they like to talk French.

There is a big party starting tomorrow. We got to sit on the seesaws for the big party. The giant see-saw may be a metaphor for checks and balances in government. The seesaws also had safety features so you couldn’t destroy the person on the other end’s tail bone or eject them towards the heavens. The metaphors are basically endless.

We went and checked out the Parliament. There was no air condition in the security line. There was a gift shop and a/v displays. The head of Quebec gets a ceremonial mace that hasn’t been used to hit anyone in several years. It is in a display case until the next time someone needs a whooping.

We went and checked out the scenic overlook at the top of the hill. We were at the bottom yesterday. We started at the bottom now we’re here. I saw some military guys with bear fur hats, a group of guys with drums walking on stilts in funny costumes, and a funny costume group carrying a barrel.

I think the bear fur hats are regular military in parade dress. The stilt guys are like MMA, but on stilts. I am not kidding. There was one guy who was tremendously good on the yellow and black stilt team. He was finally defeated by the Jackie Chan of Quebec stilt fighting. Let me take that back. The Jackie Chan of Quebec stilt fighting was defeated by a guy who coasted until the last match. C’est magnifique! There were a couple of Canada Army guys in dress uniforms. One dude was top heavy from all the awards and citations. There were also some local politicians or something. The pols got to try out the stilts after the champion was decided.

We wandered back to the apartment in the blazing sun. We went in a hat store. I already have a very nice hat so I bought a cravat. I look tres’ chic. I also found a store that sells those striped shirts, but only in Quebec sizes. I settled on a shirt that is similar but pretty much screams. “Je suis le Americain!” The boys were looking hard at the 80’s section. Mrs. Jon Bruce told me there was an 80’s section. I went and looked. The store had an 80s section. There were Vuarnet sunglasses t-shirts in multiple styles. Vuarnet sunglasses were my thing back in the day. Now I have a pair of sunglasses that fit my giant head comfortably. I am now available to fight crime in the United States with or without the cravat.

We napped at the apartment.

For dinner, we went to L’Affaire est Ketchup, Restaurant Pirate. It was like Blendena’s kitchen. Hot, no air conditioning, but with loud music, French people doing covers of Rock and Roll American. We ate everything. Salmon, Caviar, Venison, Duck, Lamb, Bison, Scallops, pork belly bacon, veal sweetbreads. The veal sweetbreads may have been a little too much. Sometimes when you are eating fancy stuff on real plates with syrup on the table you have to stop chewing and swallow.

The L’Affaire est Ketchup has very limited seating,maybe thirty seats. They serve two meals. 6pm and 8:30pm. It was on Charbonneau’s and my list to visit. It was perfectement! But is was also hot. Totally worth the discomfort for the experience.

L’Affaire called us a cab. Cab’s are still a thing. It was half the cost of the Uber that made us late for dinner. I should have gotten the cab number sooner.

We got back to the apartment. Charbonneau and I went back into Old Town to check out the traditional Quebec Irish Pubs. We went to the furthest one. I had an English Beer that was good. Charbonneau had a Quebec beer called Megadeath. We had Irish car bombs at the second place while listening to a white guy cover Childish Gambino on an acoustic guitar. The third bar was the most promising. There was a jazz combo finishing their set when we walked in. The bass player is now my best friend forever. We slammed our beers and left with a French phrase that “means in a hurry”.

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