20180613_Jacob and Jon Road Trip

Reposted from Facebook Last year.
Day Two – We awoke with all of our kidneys. Headed west. Merryweather took a turn at the wheel. He drove about 15 minutes and was exhausted. It was fine.
It had been a windy wet morning. We hit Colorado Springs around noon.. Pikes Peak loomed large. I added it to our itinerary.
Pike’s Peak is under reconstruction. The summit house is just a gift shop. We had to ride a shuttle the final three miles.
They are getting ready for the Hill Climb in a couple of weeks. There are branded straw bales along the road at important spots. Tempting, but the Road America rental RV in front of me didn’t bother yielding. Merryweather and I were totally out of gas at 13000 feet. Not any better at 14115 feet. I couldn’t stop yawning. It was snowing and windy. It may have been an hallucinations from lack of oxygen.
We headed towards Canon City. Had an excellent dinner at The Owl. Double double Egg with everything and a local microbrew, Coors Light.
Merryweather was disconcerted to find out that there was a stockade in town. He made a strong case to push on towards Black Canyon of the Gunnison Range. We are camped for the night at Rincon something or the other right on the Arkansas River along US 50. The first time setting up the truck was eventful. I offered Merryweather the pop up tent several times. Also, we are joined on our journey by an elusive hairy man ape. I wanted to call him “Calvin”. We will see if the name sticks.

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