This started as a complaint from one of my long time buddies. Recipes online are super wordy.

My friends and I aren’t looking for two thousand words on how healthy cooking makes our lives better. We are looking for a way to cook food to feed people. Now.

So I started a blog.

Recipes without the foreplay. You are welcome to submit. If you get some use out of it or laugh, please like, share and follow.


Wait… what?

Ever been embarrassed by your dad acting up? This is my kids life. I have some how become occasionally, semi, regular fixture during the third period during the St Louis Blues home games.

The screen says Awkward Dad. I have been called, dancing dad, ugly dad, dumb dad (by my kids and people in attendance). It has been pretty awesome. I kind of love it.

The most rewarding part is the staff. They have been cheering me on since game one.

Here are my Awkward Dad getting on camera tips.

  1. Keep it family friendly
  2. Don’t stop dancing
  3. See rule two
  4. Get up and dance at every opportunity.

In no time at all, you will be embarrassing your own family at major sporting events.

Pro tip- record the game at home and then get screen captures.