201707 The Grand Tour

Our time in Omaha was drawing to a close. Jacob and I took a trip. We took several trips, all at once.

1. Lewis and Clark. We followed the Missouri River all the way to the confluence with the Yellowstone River in Montana.
20170715 _TheGrandTour_077_IMG_8280

2. We went to Glacier National Park
20170716 _TheGrandTour_172_IMG_9890

3. Lewis and Clark to Lolo Pass, Utah.
20170718 _TheGrandTour_008_IMG_0066

4. Yellowstone National Park – We did this over a couple of days. I think we used all the entry points.
20170720 _TheGrandTour_123_IMG_9062

5. Grand Teton National Park
20170721 _TheGrandTour_059_IMG_0739.JPG

6. Oregon Trail – We back tracked on the Oregon Trail and picked up some miles from our trip last year.20170722 _TheGrandTour_170_IMG_9887.JPG

7. Rocky Mountain National Park
20170722 _TheGrandTour_131_IMG_9143.JPG

8. Home
20170723 _TheGrandTour_182_IMG_9934