20170331 Crane Trust Overnight

It’s been a while. I did an over night with the Crane Trust (cranetrust.org). I got dropped off at 4:30 in the afternoon. The birds move in for the night at sunset. They actually landed on the North side of the river. Over the course of the evening, they spread out all the way across the river. I woke up to tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes outside the blind.

According to the Trust, there were around two hundred thousand (200K) Cranes on the Platte this night. Last week, it was 400,000. I slept pretty well considering it sounds like 400,000 middle school trumpet players on their first day. The cranes make an really amazing amount of sounds.

The weather was and has been overcast and gross. The sun finally made an appearance several days later.

The Crane Trust does a great work. The visitor center is really nice. Worth a stop if you are ever crossing Nebraska.

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