Hire me or this guy might be speaking on your behalf at your wedding.

Or maybe worse, you get the DJ who thinks this guy is a DJ Tutorin’ genius.

The person you select to be the Master of Ceremonies is representing you. It’s probably a good idea to meet them in person and know what they are going to say and why.


Kevin Bacon’s got nothing on me….

I was looking through pics from the Inauguration.

And found a pic that looked familiar.
Sgt. Maj. of the Army Ken Preston was one of five service senior enlisted advisors to attend the ball. He said that the ball, now being held for the second time, is an honor for all servicemembers.[/caption]

That is guy to the left of the President of the United States is Sgt. Maj. of the Army Ken Preston. He is the senior enlisted man in the US army, he represents the men and women doing all the heavy lifting all over the planet.

I had the privilege of meeting him, at his son’s wedding in 2005.