So I was at Kipp Bros. on Saturday.

I love Kipp Brothers Novelty here in Indianapolis.

I remember looking through the catalog when I was a kid. Nowadays, I need party supplies occassionally, beads, bubbles, etc. They have some really great toys too!

They have great flying toys and wood toys. My kids and my nieces think I am a genius!

So I was in there on Saturday morning and they had a hat. A hill billy hat…

Hill Billy Hat

Complete with Corn Cob Pipe!

It was too good to pass up… My friend Robbie Britton has put together a one day conference for Mobile DJs in Greenville Tennessee. It’s coming up on June 23rd.

He has a monster line up of presenters to enhance, improve and motivate DJs. If you a DJ within a thousand miles, you should be there.

If you considering hiring a DJ, you should ask the question…

“When was the last time you learned anything new?”

This industry is dominated by a “professionals” who are putting on the same act they did the day they started. Macarena anybody? In DJing, a commitment to the client involves a commitment to improving your skills.

Many professions REQUIRE continuing education to maintain certification or accreditation. There is no such thing in mobile entertainment. The individual commitment to improving their craft is a great indication of a DJs talent and ability to deliver the results you desire, deserve and should demand.
Which kind of explains this…

In my community of DJ friends, everything south of I-70 is the rural south, unless you are north of I-80.

I did three takes totally improvised. (who says rehearsal isn’t important?)