Even a trained monkey can be a DJ!

I have seen everything now.

It’s actually pretty cool. Capuchin monkeys have been trained to put a CD in a CD player and hit play. They are actually trained to assist people with paraplegia, so they can do a lot of simple things.

So the question in my mind is simple.

What is your DJ going to do that a trained monkey can’t or won’t. (Monkeys are notoriously fickle).

Bad MonkeyMe

The answer is simple for me.

  • You probably could use some help planing the flow of the ceremony and reception.
  • You might like great quality source music. Monkeys hang out with pirates.
  • You might want music and a master of ceremonies that can act as your voice through the course of the evening. Monkeys tell bad jokes and fling poo.
  • You might want someone to setup and control all the equipment required to make things sound nice. Monkeys like it LOUD! and need assistants to setup the sound system.
  • You might want to relax and enjoy your reception with an experienced MC keeping the evening on track. Monkeys can’t be trusted around an open bar.
  • You would probably like a good value. Trained Monkeys get about $3000 a day, and take a lot of breaks.

When they teach Capuchins to use iPods all bets are off.
Think Different.

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