Merry Christmas, Bozo


Bozo is the pet of Mark & Rebecca, owners of DiscJockeyAmerica, the Web’s best place for mobile DJ’s to network. Giving disc jockeys a free and open forum to discuss industry issues has been the passion of the Ferrells for nearly 10 years.

This year, the Ferrells were on the road again, educating, inspiring and training DJs across the country. Essentially, putting their time and effort into delivering on their passion.

Their dear sweet budgie has suffered a significant emotional hit doing so. He was deprived of their love and support.

Among other the other hardships that any family having such extended separation, despite the accolades of appreciative attendees, being away from the only family he knows has resulted in the reality that their little budgie, might not have a very bright Christmas.

If you’ve ever been thankful for the opportunity to have a forum like DiscJockeyAmerica to speak your mind about the DJ industry … if you support the Ferrells mission to enhance the respect, skills and talent of disc jockeys around the world through DiscJockeyAmerica … I ask that you make a selfless contribution so his little budgie can have a bountiful Christmas.

Don’t know about Bozo? Here’s an anecdote Mark posted recently about his bird:

“Everytime the phone rings, he starts making noise. A few years ago, we took him to the vet. Bozo was diagnosed with cancer of the buttocks. In an traumatic, and life threatening surgery, Bozo had his tail feathers removed.”

Bozo will never again shake his tailfeathers. Mark and Rebecca’s eyes well up with emotion every time “Shake Your Tailfeather” or “Shake  Ya Taifeather” or “Shake It” or “Shake that Money Maker” comes on the Victrola.

Would you help the Ferrells replenish their savings and give Bozo a bright Christmas? Maybe a nice tasty cuttlefish or a mirror, budgies are nuts for mirrors. Just send me some money in an envelope. By the way, Mark and Rebecca have no involvement with this effort, nor did they have advance knowledge of me posting this on the web.

It’s simple, send me some money. I haven’t really put any thought into this, but I wouldn’t want this to be traceable or be bothered with transaction fees. I’m getting the donations rolling with a significant donation that has at least two 00s after the decimal place. Please join me in expressing our appreciation for the Ferrells and what they have done for our industry.

Have a Happy Holiday, and thank you for reading.